Its so hard to keep good friends these days, and Syria is feeling the loss of one of its “bestest” friends in the US, no James Baker is still around, I am taking about anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and her loony hearts band seen here holding hands with the most powerful woman on earth, Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Sheehan announced her “retirement” a few weeks ago an Syria is taking the loss of this loony lady rather hard,

Is Cindy Sheehan Crazy? Well some people thing so take this from the Cindy Sheehan Watch website

  • She has had fantasies about going back in time and killing President Bush as an infant, to prevent the war in Iraq from ever happening. sourceThis one’s a trifecta: it involves A) time travel, B) changing history so that all of humanity will exist in a world she created, and C) killing in infant. Yup. Sounds pretty nutty to me.
  • She would like Hugo Chavez to be President of the United States of America. source He wasn’t born in this country, he doesn’t speak English, he’s a Communist and he’s a dictator. But other than that, why not?
  • She is unable to control her speech. source“Oftentimes when I am interviewed before a speaking engagement, the reporter will ask me about what I am going to talk about. I often answer: ‘I have no idea, but I am excited to find out!’ I am even surprised by what I say.” I’m thinking, perhaps Tourette’s Syndrome?
  • The inability to grasp the obvious is one of the hallmarks of a delusional person.She signed a petition. So what? The petition asked a dozen oil companies, including BP, Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil, to “stop doing business with the U.S. military until all U.S. troops and mercenary forces are out of Iraq.” source The notion is insane, in and of itself. The list of the other 39 signers makes for interesting reading (including Hadi Jawad, co-founder of the Crawford “Peace House” and Howard Zinn, Marxist author and lecturer), but we have no doubt that Crazy Cindy really thought the executives would read the petition, come to their senses, and stop selling oil to the U.S. military. She must have believed that, because otherwise the gesture would have been just another cheap publicity stubt intended to garner publicity and thereby funnel more money into Cindy’s purse (you know, the one with Casey Sheehan’s picture on it). No way. She’s NOT a cynical, publicity-hungry, money-grubbing opportunist. So she must be…NUTS
But Just as the Germans love David Hasselhof, the French Love Jerry Lewis, the Syrians love Cindy Sheehan.

Syrian Minister of Expatriate Affairs: Cindy Sheehan’s Battle Must Continue;

The announcement by leading anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan that she was leaving the Democratic Party and quitting the anti-war effort has evoked reactions from the Syrian press. Her decision was presented as proof that there is no real difference between the Democratic and Republican positions on the war in Iraq, and that the only way to effect a change in U.S. policy is to step up the Iraqi resistance and increase losses to the U.S. armed forces.

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The following are excerpts from the articles:

Syrian Minister: Sheehan’s Struggle is a “Battle of Truth Against Falsehood”

Syrian Minister of Expatriate Affairs Dr. Buthayna Sha’ban praised Sheehan’s activism and expressed sorrow at her retirement from public life. In an op-ed in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat – also posted on, which is affiliated with the Syrian regime – she called on “all the honorable people in the world” to join forces and continue Sheehan’s struggle:

“Cindy Sheehan has long been considered an example of how a [single] person [can] lead a campaign to change the outlook and position of a strong regime, like the American one, and she has long been a beacon for all those who defend liberty and justice in the world. The news of her retirement [from public life] caused [us] to lose hope, [but] when I read her clearly reasoned letter of resignation [from the anti-war movement], I understood the extent of her difficulty.

“It is a difficulty faced by all honorable people who bear large burdens and confront strong and well-financed establishments, which are powerfully motivated to [gain] wealth at the expense of people’s bodies and souls.

“Cindy Sheehan’s letter makes it clear that she received all the backup and support [she needed] when she was regarded as a Democrat fighting against the Republican Party’s outlook on the war. But when she left the Democratic Party, and defined the war in Iraq not as a matter of the political left vs. the political right, but as a matter of right vs. wrong – then her real problems began, for in a democratic regime, you are permitted to voice opposition [to the regime], but you are not allowed to expose the true nature of the regime and what it really stands for.

“The path blazed by Cindy Sheehan is a very important one, because it was meant to bring justice, respect for the human spirit, and awareness that what is happening in Iraq is a crime against humanity. [Sheehan’s activism] could have a real impact not only on American’s policy in Iraq, but on its policy in the Middle East [at large] and perhaps even in the [whole] world.

“[Sheehan] states that her aim was to bring about a change in the norms of the American regime, and this is something that [the regime] strictly forbids, since a change of norms would mean a change in the [U.S.] stance on Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia. [A change of norms] could dictate a policy completely different from the present one, and the two American parties cannot afford this, unless they decide they want a foreign policy completely unlike the one currently employed by the U.S., in which the two parties differ only in tone and degree but not in essence…

“I do not know whether Cindy Sheehan will rescind her decision. But I hope she will, because the battle is an important and a crucial one. It is not a battle of the American people against the [American] administration, but a battle of truth against falsehood – of those who believe in justice and human dignity against those who see the world only [in terms of] oil, wealth and hegemony…

“Cindy Sheehan took a very noble step, and she is entitled to rest, if that is what she wants. We, on the other hand, must not let her struggle come to nothing. She touched on a sensitive point that is extremely important to us as well as to her, and all the honorable people of the world must join forces and complete her mission – for the alternative is inhuman and immoral, and holds no hope for the future of peoples craving liberty, independence and dignity.”(1)

Syrian Columnist: Both American Parties “Have Become a Joke in the Eyes of the World”

Charles Kamilah, columnist for the Syrian government daily Teshreen, also reacted to Sheehan’s resignation:

“What made the famous American citizen Cindy Sheehan, head of the [American] anti-war movement, say ‘goodbye America… you are not the country that I love?’… Her main reason [for this move] at this time was probably not Bush’s [insistence on] pursuing his erroneous path – which is [merely] the persistence of [his] known stupidity. Rather, it is the Democratic Party’s betrayal of its voters, who gave it a majority in Congress after it promised an immediate withdrawal from Iraq in its elections campaign.

“Today, the [Democratic] Party has withdrawn even the demand to set a timetable for the withdrawal as a condition for approving the war funding bill. Sheehan, who was committed to the [Democratic] Party, regarded this [decision] not only as a betrayal of America’s moral values, but [as a blow to] the very foundations of the democratic regime in which [America] takes so much pride… This [betrayal] is a sore blow to Sheehan and her comrades, who pinned real [hopes] on the beacon of morality brandished by the Democratic Party’s propagandists. But they [soon] learned that the two sides of the coin [i.e. the Democratic Party and the Republican Party] have [both] become a joke in the eyes of the world.”(2)