A survey of car dealership owners finds that a majority of them don’t feel that electric vehicles are the future of the auto industry.

According to CDK Global, a company that tracks dealerships from coast to coast, found that 29 percent are extremely pessimistic about the efficacy of EVs. Worse, 65 percent also don’t feel that EVs are the future of auto sales.

Per Just The News:

One-fourth of respondents said the dealership they work for had monthly sales volumes below 50 EVs per month. A third sold between 51 and 100 EVs, and 29% sold between 101 and 250 EVs. Of those surveyed, 13% sold more than 251 vehicles.

Only 13% of dealers said they were extremely confident or very optimistic in the automotive manufacturers’ plans.

According to the survey, only around half of respondents, depending on the region of the U.S. they sold in, said EVs would make up half of all sales within the next 5-15 years. Respondents in the South, at 36%, were the lowest of those surveyed who saw that happening, and 52% of respondents in the East agreed with the timeframe. One fourth of those surveyed said it wouldn’t happen for several decades at least.

According to those surveyed, 62% of customers are passing on EVs because of the limited range, 47% of customers mentioned charging too difficult or takes too long, and 34% were concerned about the high purchase price.

“These are dealers with experience in volume and quality EVs. Yet, they’re still pessimistic,” the report said.

These people know their business. And they feel EVs aren’t it.

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