As the Democratic party tries to conjure up new procedural monkey-business to ram Obamacare down our throats should Scott Brown be declared winner of today’s Special Massachusetts Election, Rasmussen is reporting that support of the Democratic plan is at an all time low.

The latest Rasmussen poll on the Democratic party initiative reports that just 38% of voters nationwide favor Obamacare, a tie for the lowest level ever . Fifty-six percent 56% of voters oppose the plan.

As has been the case throughout the debate, those who feel strongly about the issue are more likely to be opposed. Just 18% of voters Strongly Favor the plan while 44% are Strongly Opposed.

That would be the equivalent of an approval index of -26.

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Despite the  opposition, the number of voters who expect that congress Congress will ignore the public and pass the legislation anyway keeps increasing. 70% of voters say it’s at least somewhat likely that the plan will pass, the highest level yet.

Just 12% believe passage of the legislation will achieve the stated goal of reducing health care costs. Sixty percent (60%) believe it will lead to higher costs. That is the most pessimistic assessment yet in dozens of tracking polls stretching back to last June. Fifty-two percent (52%) also think passage of the legislation will lead to a decline in the quality of care.

…One problem faced by advocates of the plan is the cost. When it comes to paying for the plan, voters are okay with taxing the rich but strongly reject cuts in Medicare and excise taxes on “Cadillac” health plans provided by employers.

Adding to concerns about paying for the plan is the fact that 78% of voters expect it to cost more than projected. Voters overwhelmingly believe passage of the plan will increase the federal deficit and lead to middle-class tax hikes.

From the beginning of the health care debate, another challenge has been the fact that most Americans have insurance and are generally happy with their coverage. However, 52% of voters fear that they could be forced to change insurance if the health care legislation passes.

As has been the case since this debate began, Democrats support the plan, but GOPers and independents oppose Obamacare. The latest numbers show that 72% of Democrats favor the plan while 83% of Republicans and 60% of independents are opposed.

Most voters favor the ban on abortion coverage for insurance plans that receive federal subsidies, and 47% believe states should have the right to opt out of the federal plan if it passes. On a related topic, only 34% favor a single-payer national health insurance system.

 Rasmussen is not the only poll showing public opposition to Obamacare.  The chart below is from pollster, it reflects an average of all the major polls on Healthcare, like Rasmussen it shows the public views the Democratic Health initiative unfavorably and the support continues to decline.