Sunny Hostin

Liberals really love their authoritarian dictators, which perhaps explains why Big Tech lets seven of them continue to post while banning former President Donald Trump.  And it’s pretty clear the radical left would love to see the United States turned into a woke version of the former Soviet Union, complete with its very own dictator — namely, Joe Biden.

During Wednesday’s edition of ABC’s ignorant daily hate-fest known as “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin suggested that dementia JOE Biden rule the country like a dictator through executive orders.

The reason?  Because, apparently, anyone who disagrees with him — specifically Republicans — are, in her words, “crazy people” and “insurrectionists.”

“In a recent New York Magazine interview, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned Democrats they could be in trouble going into the midterms. She thinks they’re still in the game, but the president and moderate Democrats need to stop thinking they can return to an era where a backroom deal with the GOP could be reached because that kind of thinking killed the Build Back Better Bill,” Whoopi Goldberg said.  “Do you agree?”

“No,” said the Lincoln Project’s Tara Setmayer.  “This is the absolute wrong lesson that Democrats have learned from what happened in the last year. The country is not left-of-center. We are a moderate country, independents dominate the electorate, and it is swing districts that make a difference. It is a five-seat margin in the House of Representatives right now, and historically it looks like it’s going to be a blood bath for the Democrats if they don’t turn things around.”

Setmayer, Nicholas Fondacaro said at Newsbusters, “flashed her intentions when (she) started strategizing for Democrats and against Republicans.”  Which, despite its name, is what the Lincoln Project is all about.

Sometime later, Setmayer noted that AOC “wants President Biden to rule by executive order which is not how our system works.”  That set Hostin off.

“But he has to,” Hostin said.

“No, he does not,” Setmayer countered.

“You can’t build consensus with crazy people. You can’t build consensus with insurrectionists. You can’t do it,” Hostin screeched.

Translation: Anyone who doesn’t goose-step to Fearless Leader’s edicts is crazy and an insurrectionist.

As much as I disagree with the Lincoln Project, I have to agree with Setmayer on this one point.  The United States is a Republic, not a monarchy.  And it certainly isn’t a dictatorship, no matter how much the left craves dictatorial, authoritarian rule.

And let’s not forget, Biden himself said during the campaign that only dictators rule through executive orders.  Even though that’s exactly what he did after he was first installed.

“For the next few seconds,” Fondacaro noted, “it was a cacophony of shrieking as the cast was going at it and Goldberg had to get them back on track.”

Which pretty much describes just about every edition of The View…

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