Remember when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brought a sick anti-Zionist Rabbi to his Holocaust denial conference? The media loves to do the same thing. They find the most radical Rabbi available roll them out to try to show that all Jews feel that way. Today Abdon Pallasch of the Chicago Sun Times showed that he learned much from the Iranian President.

Obama shows caution on Middle East, rabbi says

As Barack Obama toured Israel and Palestinian territory last week and weighed in on one of the world’s longest-running conflicts, Israel’s relationship with Palestinians, Hyde Park Rabbi Arnold Wolf could only look on and sigh. “I think he’s very cautious,” said Wolf, an Obama backer who has thrown fund-raising dinners at his home for Obama.

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Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf is a Reform rabbi who was one of the earliest advocates for a Israeli “dialogue” with the PLO. The fact that he supported both Arafat and Obama should be telling. and was a founding member of Breira, a short-lived organization whose only purpose was to Pressure Israel to give back land to the Palestinians.

Rabbi Wolf is also a big shot in “Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace” When Hillary Clinton Bashed the PA for publishing textbooks that were filled with anti-Semitim and slander against Iraelis it was Rabbi Wolf’s group that defended the text book without even reading them:

Brit Tzedek v’Shalom-Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace has rushed to defend these hate-filled schoolbooks. As reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the group wrote Clinton urging her to “re-examine claims that the Palestinian schoolbooks indoctrinate hate.

We just find it hard to believe that Brit Tzedek v’Shalom has actually studied these grade 12 textbooks and is seriously endorsing an educational curriculum that denies Israel’s right to exist, justifies terror and promises an eternal religious battle for Israel’s destruction, knowingly defending incitement to murder.

TRAGICALLY, the Palestinian Authority will exploit this Jewish group’s ill-considered approval of its new texts. Can Brit Tzedek v’Shalom be so blindly determined to champion the Palestinian cause that it will defend even the indefensible? In the past, groups such as Brit Tzedek v’Shalom created sufficient uncertainty about PA hate-education to ease international pressure on Palestinian leaders to pursue peace education.

Of Course none of Wolf’s Radical support of the PA was included in the Sun Times, just a “kindly 84 year old Rabbi Emeritus”

But sitting in his synagogue near Obama’s Hyde Park home Friday, Wolf, 84, pastor emeritus of KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation, added that that’s “good if you want to be elected. It’s not brilliant. It’s not super-courageous. It’s cautious, intelligent, appropriate.” So while Wolf thinks Obama would handle the Middle East better than his Republican opponent John McCain would, he didn’t expect Obama to endorse the bold course Wolf himself would like to see: ending Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Obama repeated his pledge that Jerusalem must remain Israel’s capital but added, “That’s an issue that has to be dealt with with the parties involved, the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

A Reform Rabbi should never be used to comment on Jerusalem as the Reform movement does not have the theological commitment to Jerusalem that the rest of Jewry does. Unlike the other branches, the Reform tradition is that there will never be a Third Temple. That’s why Reform synagogues are called Temples, something you will rarely see a Conservative, and never see Orthodox Shul called because Jewish law say the only place you can have a temple on top of the mount in Jerusalem.

Wolf has watched with dismay as “neo-cons” led by his former Yale classmate Paul Wolfowitz took U.S. Middle East policy in what Wolf considered a wrong direction as a top aide to President Bush, giving the Israelis a freer hand. In addition to demanding an end to attacks from the Palestinians, the U.S. government could force Israel’s hand on the settlements, Wolf said.

Whenever you see a Rabbi start talking about the (Jewish) “neo-cons” influencing foreign the other way.

Congrats to the Chicago Sun-Times, you have learned your Iranian lesson well. And to Rabbi Wolf I have nothing to say, I am sure when you see your maker he will remind you what the tanach says about false prophets.