Some things need no comment like this item from the Washington Times:

Problems with web-security questions were one of the key glitches the Obamacare rollout faced early on, both on federal and state-based exchanges. Now that they’re working more smoothly, at least one congressman is poking fun at a question on the D.C.-run exchange in which federal lawmakers and their staffs are expected to enroll.

“Here’s a helpful security question for those using the DC Exchange website ,” Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Kansas Republican, tweeted Wednesday with an attached photo:

The screen grab from the D.C. Health Link website showed this question, highlighted in blue: “What are the last four digits of your lotto [sic] numbers?”

So maybe the congressman doesn’t play Lotto, or at least doesn’t use the same numbers when he does. But the question, and others around it, suggested the security questions on Obamacare sites go beyond the usual mother’s-maiden-name fare.

Others ask users to name the host city of their favorite Olympic Games, while another requires at least a little brain power : “What is the first name of your significant other’s eldest sibling?