Well we are finally here, is Super Bowl Sunday, a day we drink beer and eat snacks and remember Joe Namath. But before we get to the game, we need to do our weekly review of the stupidity shown by our news media and politicians.

The week DCCC chairman Steve Israel proved that he does not have the cranial capacity to speak of anything that is not on the talking points memo he gets from the White House every morning, and the Atlanta mayor proved that he is stuck on talking points also. MSNBC got in trouble for being nasty, and so did NBC’s Miami station.

President Obama gave a SOTU filled with holes, and Ronan Farrow used the address as an excuse to mock one of our wounded heroes. One member of the 1% whined that he was being treated the same way as the Nazis treated Jews, another was accused of pushing a commercial that was all lies.

Below are the stupid media bias tricks  from the last seven days. Headlines are linked to the full article
(and will open a new window). When it is a broadcast story the
video/audio will also be found at the end of the link.

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So click on the links below and read about the stupid bias tricks of the last week:

Rep Steve Israel Is Stuck On Stupid Talking Points

Steve Israel (D-NY-3) appeared on MSNBC’s Jansing &Co Wednesday
to discuss the President’s State of the Union Address which was
delivered the evening before. However instead of just answering the
host’s questions, Israel f .

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s Anti-Keystone Pipeline Ad Given Four Pinocchios
commercial created by Nextgen Climate Action promoted the false
premise that Canada’s energy development was controlled by China, who
would get the majority of they oil going through the pipeline. Glenn
Kessler’s Washington Post fact-che …

Media Matters Bashes USA TODAY For Presenting Both Sides Of Issue
to the George Soros Funded Media Matters for America (MMFA), USA TODAY
is allowed to publish editorials supporting the global warming theory,
but if they publish op-eds next to those editorials which gives the
other side of the global warmin …

Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam Because of Group’s Boycott Of Israel
Johansson officially stepped down from her position as global
ambassador for the charity Oxfam on Thursday in favor of continuing her
position as the “face” of Israeli company SodaStream, which has a major
production plant in the disput …

Jewish Group Ignores Mission To Give Effusive Praise to Obama
day after the President’s State of the Union Address, the Jewish
Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) issued a press release praising
Obama’s progressive domestic policy. Unfortunately the group glossed
over Obama’s appeasement of the Iran …

NBC’s Miami Station Calls GOP The Reprehensive Party

evening WTVJ, NBC’s Miami affiliate did a news story about an
advertisement created by the Florida Republican Party to support the
reelection effort of Governor Scott. Usually when a news report shows a
commercial they will add a slug along …

Phil Griffin Apologizes For Offensive Biracial Tweet
Less than a day after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus banned all RNC staff from appearing on MSNBC and asked that the other people associated with the party boycott the network until President Phil Griffin apologizes for his organization’s implication th …

RNC Chair Reince Priebus Bans Staff From Appearing On MSNBC

Last night MSNBC posted a tweet praising the Cheerios Super Bowl commercial which features a bi-racial family, while at the same time accusing the “right-wing” of being racist. …

Fact Checking Obama’s State Of The Union

Many of the facts President Obama presented during Tuesday evening’s State of the Union address were either exaggerated or flat out false. Below are some of the most blatant errors made by the President compiled from different fact-checking organizat …

Tap Dancing Atlanta Mayor Drives Mika Brzezinski ‘Nuts’ On Morning Joe
Morning Joe program co-host Mika Brzezinski was looking to find out who was responsible for the botched response to the 2 inches of snow that shut down Atlanta on Tuesday. So on Thursday, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed appeared on Thursday’s to discuss …

New MSNBC Host Ronan Farrow Mocks Wounded Vet Cory Remsburg During SOTU

The most powerful moment of Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address was when the President honored Army Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg, who received horribly debilitating injuries during his tenth deployment to the war zone. Apparently MSNBC& …

NY Congressman Threatens to Throw Reporter Off Rotunda Balcony
After President Obama’s State of the Union address, a reporter for New York all-news channel NY-1 interviewed Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) about the president’s speech. As the interview wound down, Scotto tried to ask the congressm …

NBC Employees Going to Sochi Warned of Russian Spying

The Sochi Olympic Games begin on February 7th, but as NBC employees head to Russia for their assignments they are being warned, this isn’t the United States. They should expect that the Russians will be spying on everything they do. According to t …

Think Progress Wants Tax Money out of Abortion Opposition
Think Progress, a website created by Jon Podesta’s Center for American Progress and funded in party by progressive Sugar Daddy George Soros, is a huge supporter of abortion. On Tuesday they ran an article criticizing the legislature of the state of …

Sen. Tom Coburn: Obamacare Won’t Cover My Cancer Doctor
Tuesday’s Morning Joe program featured Senator Tom Coburn declaring that his new Obamacare insurance will not cover his cancer specialists. …

Leftist Israeli Media Ignores Canadian Premier’s Visit
Along with a strong Democracy and Fighting the War on terror Israel and the United States share another similarity, a television media that skews to the left. A week ago Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Israel for a three day visit, alth …

Mitt Romney Breaks Silence About Candy Crowley Skewing Second Debate
On Monday night’s Hugh Hewitt Show, former GOP Candidate Mitt Romney finally voiced his frustration for the way Candy Crowley moderated the pivotal second debate with President Obama at Hofstra University. …

Billionaire Compares Treatment of ‘1%’ To Treatment of Jews By Nazis
In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, billionaire Thomas Perkins compared the treatment of the richest “one percent” of Americans to the way that Jews were treated by Nazis during the Holocaust. …

Hillary Clinton: My Biggest Regret is Benghazi

During her Monday morning closing address at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in New Orleans, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked if she would like any do-overs relative to being Secretary of State. Ms. Clinton respo …

Netanyahu Has Nazi Genes And Imitates Hitler’s Racism
Last week the official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper published an op-ed written by senior member of the ruling party, Yahya Rabah. The op-ed written by one of Israel’s peace partners incites hatred by demonizing Israeli Prime Minister …