To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, what a long strange trip this week has been. This week MSNBC’s Chris Jansing finally learned that the pope is Catholic, next week may teach her about what the bear does in the woods. RNC Spokesman Sean Spicer taught MSNBC that the GOP isn’t about to sit back and take their hypocrisy and one again Sheila Jackson Lee proved Ron White was right when he said, you can’t fix stupid!

Speaking about not fixing stupid, this week MSNBC proved it thought Justin Bieber was more important than national security, Jake Tapper got attacked for being fair, and the governor of Maryland channeled Ron Burgundy. And all this is just the start.

Below are the stupid media bias tricks  from the last seven days. Headlines are linked to the full article
(and will open a new window). When it is a broadcast story the
video/audio will also be found at the end of the link.

So click on the links below and read about the stupid bias tricks of the last week:

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RNC Spokesman Slams MSNBC Hypocrisy

On Friday Alex Witt was hosting the 11am MSNBC program. As it had been since Thursday afternoon when Mike Huckabee spoke at the Republican National Committee winter meeting, the topic of discussion was the supposed gaffe Huckabee made during his speech. One guest Sean Spicer, Communications Director of the RNC fought back at the network making one line of Huckabee´s speech the lead story of the day, pointing out that MSNBC hosts often make real gaffes and the mistakes made by Democrats do not get the same coverage.

MSNBC Host Shocked That Pope Is Catholic
on Chris Jansing ‘s MSNBC program, the host had a discussion with a
panel about President Obama’s upcoming European trip where he will meet
with Pope Francis. The discussion centered on what seems to be a common
theme of the two leade …

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Revisionist HistoryNoontime
Thursday, Craig Melvin handled the hosting duties on MSNBC. One of the
major topics of discussion was the g rowing security concerns due to the
terrorist warnings associated with the upcoming Sochi Olympic Games.

On MSNBC Justin Bieber Trumps National Security
Thursday’s Andrea Mitchell program on MSNBC, the host was interviewing
former Congresswoman Jane Harmon, now the President of the Woodrow
Wilson Center. The two were having a serious discussion about national
security and the recent privacy …

MSM Invents Huckabee Affront to Women at RNC Meeting
mainstream media is attempting to manufacture a misogynistic gaffe out
of Mike Huckabee’s opening address at the RNC winter meeting on
Wednesday. …

Pentagon To Allow Religious Beards, Tattoos, Piercings
The Pentagon is about to become much more accommodating to the religious needs of America’s heroes. NBC News obtained an early draft of the new Department of Defense instruction which states that the military will make every effort to accommodate “ …

Auschwitz Launches Educational Program in Arabic and Farsi to Fight Muslim Holocaust Denial
The Auschwitz museum at the site of the former Nazi German death camp in southern Poland said Monday it had launched online Holocaust awareness programs in Arabic and Farsi. The new education programs are an attempt to target countries in which Holocaust …

Oscar Nominated Best Song Questioned Because of Its Christian Roots
The song ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ from the movie of the same name was a surprise nominee for the best song Oscar. The nomination of the song was a surprise, not because of its quality, but because the film had a limited release in September 2013 and won…

Maryland Governor Channels Ron Burgundy in State of the State Address
In the film Anchorman, Ron Burgundy has a nasty habit of mindlessly reading aloud whatever is on the teleprompter. In a gaffe destined to be a YouTube classic, during his 2014 State of the State address on Thursday, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malle …

Hillel Welcomes Anti-Israel J Street

In early December, Swarthmore College’s Hillel chapter rejected Hillel International guidelines which state, in part, “Hillel will not partner with, house or host organizations, groups or speakers that as a matter of policy or practice: Deny the right …

Gates: Putin Obsessed with ‘Lost Glory, Lost Empire, Lost Power’

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was a guest on Thursday’s Hugh Hewitt Radio Show. The radio host spent much of the time speaking to Gates about Russian leader Vladimir Putin– and the former Defense Secretary was not kind. …

Jake Tapper: Christie Is Getting A Lot More Attention For Bridgegate Than Hillary Got For Benghazi
Widely recognized as one of the fairest reporters in the mainstream media Jake Tapper, host of The Lead on CNN was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt on his radio show Wednesday night. The topic was how the media is covering the various political scandals. Hewitt mentioned that both Christie and Clinton were both being dogged by “what they did know and when did they know it” type scandals and asked if the two are “getting the same level of MSM scrutiny on their major scandal stories?” Tapper’s response was “No, of course not:”

ThinkProgress: Dallas Paper’s Wendy Davis Revelations ‘Sexist’

ThinkProgress, the website owned by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress and funded in part by progressive sugar daddy George Soros, is trying to cover up for the lies of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. …

Palestinian Ruling Party Calls for Bombing of Tel Aviv

Some of the time, the mainstream media bias against Israel is displayed by the news not covered rather than what they do report. The media continually ignore hate speech and incitement broadcast over the television and social media channels operated by th …

Iranian News Service Says Israel Behind 9/11

As the semi-official news agency of the Iranian government, FARS represents the opinion of the supposedly moderating regime. On Wednesday, FARS published an interview with Barry Zwicker, Canadian activist and conspiracy theorist. Zwicker is a &quo …

Bolton: Hillary’s Moderate Appearance Hides ‘Very Radical’ Ideology

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton was a guest on the Tuesday night edition of the Hugh Hewitt radio show. The two began the segment with a discussion of the charges Robert Gates made about Vice President Biden in his memoir, which evolved into a debate o …

WAPO Fact Checker: Dem PAC Ad Earns Three Pinnochios
The Democartic House Majority PAC is running a new commercial in support of Rep. Ron Barber in Arizona’s second congressional district. Glenn Kessler, fact checker of the Washington Post, assigned the ad three Pinocchios in his falsehood scale, a …

Sean Hannity To Andrew Cuomo ‘I Can’t Wait To Leave New York’
During an interview with WCNY radio last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “extreme conservatives” are not welcome in New York. He described those “extremists” as right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay. On his Monday aftern …

Scarborough: If You Keep Money Overseas to Avoid Taxes ‘You’re Not Welcome’ in the USA
Shrinking middle-class income was a topic for discussion during Tuesday morning’s Morning Joe on MSNBC. Program regular Mike Barnacle blamed the issue on what he called the dissolution of the labor movement, and the need for “the development o …

The Economist Prints Anti-Semitic Cartoon

In its latest issue news weekly, The Economist contains an article about the P5+1 negotiations with Iran regarding the regime’s nuclear program. The article is called: “Negotiating with Iran: A big gap to close,” and concerns the next ste …

Elie Wiesel ‘Iran Must Not Be Allowed To Remain Nuclear’
When Elie Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, the Nobel Committee said he ” is a messenger to mankind; his message is one of peace, atonement and human dignity. His belief that the forces fighting evil in the world can be victoriou …