This was a huge week for scandals, but the biggest scandal was the way the mainstream media covered the news. This week Al Sharpton looked so stupid covering the polar vortex that Drudge picked up the story. It was a very cold week.

This week there was climate change hypocrisy at Time Magazine, and we learned that the Supreme Court had too many Catholics, We Saw Dennis Rodman freak out, and CNN taught us how to make Pee evaporate. One Congressman became a truther, and a Congresswoman told lies.

Chris Jansing showed her expertise at being biased, a British newspaper went after Gunny for using a gun, and a little ad exec told Joe Scarborough that Chris Christie would have been better off with a hooker than the GW Bridge.

Below are the stupid media bias tricks hinted at above plus many more
from the last seven days. Headlines are linked to the full article (and
will open a new window). When it is a broadcast story the video/audio
will also be found at the end of the link.

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So click on the links below and read about the stupid bias tricks of the last week:

MSNBC Guest: ‘Bridgegate’ Worse Than If Christie Was Caught With a Prostitute
Friday’s Morning Joe began with a discussion of the Chris Christie “bridgegate” press conference, which occurred on Thursday. The majority of panelists gave a fair account of the day earlier’s proceedings– except for regular guest Don …

PETA Outraged Over ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Star’s Lion Hunting Pictures
Former Marine turned actor R. Lee Ermey, whose many movie roles include Gunny in the movie Full Metal Jacket and the toy solider Sarge in Toy Story, posted some pictures from a recent hunting trip on his Facebook page, and the British newspaper The Mirr …

Chris Jansing: An Expert in Subtle Bias

Media bias is not always displayed by reporting a news item incorrectly. Sometimes the presenter shows their bias by the questions asked and the way a host treats a guest. Chris Jansing of MSNBC’s Jansing & Co is a master at this subtle kind …

Forget Christie–It’s Time to End Barack Obama’s Culture of Bullying and Retribution
Over the past two days the media has been dominated by the scandal in
Chris Christie’s office, and one phrase heard over and over is “Christie
has set a culture of bullying and retribution in his office which
caused the scandal.” What was disingenuous regarding this argument is the same statement has
never been made about Barack Obama. Christie may have earned the label
of being a bully, but our thin-skinned President has turned it into an
art form.

Charles Krauthammer Blast’s American Studies Association Boycott of Israel

In a column published Thursday evening in the NY Daily News, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the American Studies Association (ASA) boycott of Israel. Describing the ASA as pulling itself out of “well-deserved o …

Is Rachel Maddow Running MSNBC?
Eliana Johnson’s article “Rachel’s Show” in Monday’s National Review Online contends that Rachel Maddow has become the behind-the-scenes power at MSNBC. Johnson cites multiple insider sources who insist that Maddow, rathe …

THIS IS CNN: Does Pee Vaporize?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper decided to offer a bit of relief from the hard news of the day. Earlier, like many TV stations, CNN ran a story about what happens when boiling water is thrown up in the frigid air of the polar vortex (it immediately freezes). O …

Blockbuster! Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates Blasts Obama In New Book

Tuesday afternoon The Washington Post’s legendary reporter Bob
Woodward provided a preview of former Secretary of Defense Bob Gate’s
new book. Called “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” the book harshly
criticizes president O …

Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY) Agrees To Meet With ‘Truthers’ And See Their Evidence
On Thursday’s Washington Journal on CSPAN, host Greta Brawner took calls for guest Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY). A caller asked if he would meet with building experts who believe the World Trade Towers were brought down by controlled demolition on 9/1 …

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) It’s Boooooshes Fault!

Even though George Bush had been out of office 2,181 days, Ms. Lee still found a way to place blame on the former President. …

Ha’aretz Claims Israeli Incitement of Palestinians By Presenting Only Half The Story
In the Wednesday Edition of the Israeli Newspaper Ha’aretz, progressive writer Peter Beinart contends that Israel incites hatred just as much as the Palestinians. …

US News Columnist: The U.S. Supreme Court is Too Catholic

On New Year’s Eve, based on an appeal by the Little Sisters of the Poor, Justice Sotomayor issued a temporary stay of the implementation of Obamacare’s contraceptive rules. In Tuesday’s US News and World Report Jamie Stiehm uses tha …

ASA’s Tax Exempt Status Challanged Due To Political Anti-Israel Boycott

As a tax-exempt organization the ASA is supposed to be non-political, but its boycott of Israel violates those guidelines. …

‘Time Magazine’ Continues Its Track Record of Climate Change Hypocrisy
Time Magazine is denying its own editorial history by blaming the polar vortex hammering the American East Coast on global warming after blaming a previous vortex on global cooling, and its not the first time Time has changed its climate opinion dependin …

Cherry-Picking History On ‘The Cycle’ To Make The GOP Look Radical

On Tuesday’s The Cycle, host Abby Huntsman led a discussion about the Republican Party’s insistence that any extension of unemployment benefits be paid for by cuts elsewhere in the budget. …

Dennis Rodman *Freaks Out* at CNN’s Chris Cuomo
In an interview with CNN’s Andrew Cuomo, former NBA star Dennis Rodman went berserk when asked hardball questions about his trip to play basketball in North Korea. …

Why I Cannot Forgive MSNBC-The All Venom All The Time Network

On Fox News Sunday Mitt Romney showed his usual class by accepting the apology from
Melissa Harris-Perry’s for ridiculing his adopted black grandson and
suggesting that it was time to move on. Perhaps because he has more
class than me, or perhaps because I watch much more MSNBC than he does, I
am not ready to move on.

Gawker’s Classless Coverage of Liz Cheney’s Withdrawal

Under a picture of Liz Cheney with the word quitter written in bold to her left, Adam Weinstein posted a report about Ms. Cheney’s withdrawal from the Wyoming Senate race on Gawker Monday called “Liz Cheney Bails on Senate Bid Like Her Pa’ …

Al Sharpton Demonstrates He’s Clueless About Global Warming
MSNBC’s Politics Nation on Friday featured a lab coat-wearing Al Sharpton pontificating about global warming. Instead of using real facts, the racial agitator turned faux-scientist tried to exploit the “everybody believes it’s real” …

Joe Scarborough Takes Cheap Shot at Sarah Palin
A segment on Monday’s Morning Joe featured a discussion of Melissa Harris-Perry’s apology to Mitt Romney for ridiculing his adopted black grandson- an apology Romney immediately accepted. Host Joe Scarborough used the discussion as an opportun …