Those Global Warming Moonbats are just so creative, they figure out ways to blame the dumbest things on global warming. Some of may favorites include, Incredible shrinking sheep, Invasion of jellyfish in the Mediterranean, Surge in fatal shark attack, Boy Scout tornado deaths, Severe acne, Global conflictBeer tasting different, Suicide of farmers in Australia, Bigger tuna fish,Longer days, Shorter daysCollapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden, Cow infertility, UFO sightings in the UK, Rise in insurance premiums, and Heroin addiction just to name a few. The only thing they haven’t blamed on global warming so far is CNN’s hiring of client #9, Elliot Spitzer for an evening political show (but that may be coming).

The latest climate change nonsense come from Japan. Apparently there has been a rise in bear attacks in Japan and according to the folks pushing the warming hoax, its all because of global warming.

At least four people were killed and 80 wounded in bear attacks between April and September in the island-nation, much of which is covered in mountain forests, topping last year’s total of 64 attacks, said broadcaster NHK.

Some 400 bears were shot dead near human-populated areas by authorised hunters on Japan’s far-northern island of Hokkaido alone, where two people were mauled to death by bears earlier this year, a local official said.

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In the mountainous central prefecture of Fukushima, northeast of Tokyo, more than 150 bears were shot dead after they encroached on residential areas.

Some wildlife experts have blamed a record heat wave this summer which impacted the omnivores’ natural food sources and sent the Asiatic black bears foraging for food in more densely populated farming and residential areas.

“The extremely hot summer and other climatic factors may have led to a shortage of acorns or nuts in woodlands this year,” said Tatsuo Sato, an official of the Fukushima prefectural government.

In some areas habitat destruction is blamed for forcing the bears into closer contact with humans. In other parts, farms are being abandoned and reclaimed by nature, reducing buffer zone with the bears’ natural habitats.

In the latest reported encounter, police and hunters went on the hunt Wednesday in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto prefecture, after a one-metre (three-foot) tall bear was sighted in a residential area. No-one was injured.

 Look, if these bears were really being effected by global warming they would be hanging out in the forest drinking beer, not exerting themselves attacking people (sure a ridiculous concept but no more ridiculous than bears attacking people because of global warming). If the pundit predictions are true, and the GOP does take control of the House of Representatives, look for the moonbats to find a way to blame that on global warming also.