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Last night Ed Schultz was suspended for one week for calling Laura Ingraham a slut.


Instead of condemning their colleague for his inappropriate misogynistic remarks, the liberal media is closing ranks around the MSNBC host.

CNN reporter Randi Kaye was interviewing media reporter Howard Kurtz today and defended Schultz by saying, “

“Yeah, but you know when you hear the word ‘slut’ – I mean I hate to even say it on our air, to be honest with you – but there are mixed interpretations about the word.”

She is correct, first I went to dictionary.com to find out what the word means.

slut /slʌt/ Show Spelled[sluht] 


1. a dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.

That’s the common definition, but after further research I learned that the following are also called slut

For Kaye to be correct Shultz was calling Ingraham a rock band, an album or a street car, well either that or she was simply being a typical liberal reporter defending her liberal colleague. Watch the video below and you decide.

Kurtz didn’t buy it either. Without saying it, he was very clear that Kaye was simply performing another stupid CNN trick:

RANDI KAYE: Howard, Schultz has come out, he’s apologized to Ingraham, calling what he said, quote “vile and inappropriate language.” And to be fair, he offered to take himself off MSNBC for an indefinite period of time without any pay. What’s your take on this?

HOWARD KURTZ: Well I think he was lucky to get away with just being off the air for one week. A lot of broadcasters might have lost their jobs by saying something so stupid, offensive, and misogynistic. And I agree with Ed Schultz, it was vile and offensive. I give him credit for apologizing, and I give MSNBC credit for moving quickly and not letting this thing fester.

KAYE: Yeah, I mean he says he’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed his family. Meanwhile, Ingraham has some biting words of her own. Her relationship with Schultz – I mean, how would you describe it?

KURTZ: Probably non-existent after this point. But look, I mean, she’s a conservative who works for Fox and has her own radio show. Ed Schultz is a passionate liberal who works for MSNBC. I don’t expect them to like each other, and he’s entitled to beat her up over her views every day of the week. But to go where he went, into the gutter with that kind of language, it’s really hard to understand.

But I have to tell you, Randi, this is not the first time that Ed Schultz has talked his way into trouble. In fact, MSNBC management has talked to him before about toning things down, because he’s been very personal in calling, for example, New Jersey governor Chris Christie a “fat slob,” refers to Rush Limbaugh as “the Drugster.” He used to have a segment on his show called “Psycho Talk.” MSNBC got rid of that. So he knows the power of words to wound. He has gone over the line in the past, never like this. This is the worst thing he’s ever said, by his own admission.

KAYE: Yeah, but you know when you hear the word “slut” – I mean I hate to even say it on our air, to be honest with you – but there are mixed interpretations about the word.

KURTZ: Well, I think that it is a word that stings, in a – it’s a word certainly you would never apply to a man. Sometimes we kid around and say “Oh, you’re a media-whore, you’ll go on anything.” But when you just say “she’s a slut, she’s a right-wing slut,” I mean you know, it’s a clearly a sexually-derogatory term. And you know, Ed Schultz is smart not to try to defend it by saying “Well, what I really meant to say, and this is the meaning,” he realizes what he did. That was a very emotional and full-throated apology that he delivered, that indeed he had to deliver on the air. So I give him credit for that, but this is a guy who makes his living broadcasting every day on the radio, on television. He should know better. And as I say, other people – Don Imus comes to mind, making fun of the Rutgers women’s basketball team – have lost their jobs over slurs like this.

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