If you believe the headlines of Suzanne Goldenberg’s story published in Monday’s Guardian and picked up by global “warmists” all across the world, rather than fill my pool this summer I just have to wait for the imminent sea level rise. Of course that’s if I live that long… because reading the Guardian headlines and those of the news outlets who picked up the story, one could get the feeling that we all are going to die— and soon. But reading further we learn this collapse/sea level rise isn’t going to happen for about 1,000 years.

But you see, these headlines,  like most of what comes from the global warming theorists are just meant to scare you.  Allow me to point to a calming paragraph later in the article which says  this unstoppable ice melt and sea level rise is ten centuries away.

As pointed out on Watts Up With That?, even NY Times environmental writer Andy Revkin thinks the headline was overblown.  He pointed to an article he wrote for the Times five years ago, that used the exact same rate of ice loss.

Revkin followed up his tweet by criticizing the story in a NY Times piece which says in part:

That’s why it’s important to get beyond headlines — including the titles of papers — in considering new research pointing to the inevitable “collapse” of ice sheets in West Antarctica. To the public, collapse is a term applied to a heart attack victim on a street corner or a building stricken by an earthquake or bomb. To a glaciologist, it describes the transition to unavoidable loss of an ice sheet — a process that can take centuries to get into gear, and millenniums to complete.

In other words the only thing in your household that will be around when this collapse will supposedly happen are the unopened Twinkies.

So the good news is we can still enjoy the record levels of Antarctic sea ice
we have seen over the last couple of years which should make up for any possible collapse in one section of the Antarctic sea ice. The bad news is…I’m
going to have to stand out in the sun for two hours holding a hose to
fill the pool, global warming and melting sea ice isn’t going to help