The new Democratic majority is trying to act like one of those angry mobsters in the movies, you know the ones who finally become capo, and the take revenge by killing the old capo’s family with a baseball bat, trashes their house and then spits on the kitty on the way out.

The Dems are pissed and they are going to take revenge any which way they can, that includes, going after John Bolton, who as UN ambassador has been one of the number one defenders of democracy in its battle against Islamic fascists. Bolton is a different kind of Diplomat. He can do that “flowery diplospeak” which uses a lot of words (but says nothing) that ambassadors are famous for, but unlike traditional diplomats, when necessary he speaks his mind and tells the truth with out all that doublespeak. Many of those speak your mind times for Ambassador Bolton, has been in the defense of Israel.

Take last week for example, this is what Bolton said after his veto of the one-sided security counsel resolution

“We are disturbed at the language of the resolution that is in many places biased against Israel and politically motivated,” Bolton said. “Such language does not further the cause of peace and its unacceptability to the United States in previous resolutions is well known.”
Bolton said the text was wrong in equating what he called Israel’s legal defense operations in Gaza with Palestinian acts of terrorism against civilians in Israel.
“We are disturbed that there is not a single reference to terrorism in the proposed resolution, nor any condemnation of the Hamas leadership’s statement that Palestinians should resume terror attacks on a broad scale, or calls by the military wing of Hamas to Muslims worldwide to strike American targets and interests,” he said.

At a UN event for solidarity with the Palestinian people, the UN issued a map that was missing Israel, so Bolton went on the attack:

“It was entirely inappropriate for this map to be used. It can be misconstrued to suggest that the United Nations tacitly supports the abolition of the state of Israel.”
“Given that we now have a world leader pursuing nuclear weapons who is calling for the state of Israel to be ‘wiped off the map,’ the issue has even greater salience,”

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Last November, Ambassador Bolton applied great pressure on the Security Council to issue an unprecedented condemnation of Hezbollah attacks upon northern Israel, which the resolution described as “acts of hatred.” This was the first occasion the Security Council has ever criticized Hezbollah for its decades-long terrorist assaults upon Israel. The resolution condemning Hezbollah by name came about after two days of efforts to obtain a statement, in which any mention of Hezbollah was opposed by Algeria. When asked what had produced the change, one diplomatic official replied: “John Bolton”

Sadly despite all of his good work, John Bolton has a target on his back, while is original conforamation was being blocked by the Democrats, he was sent to his job via a recess appointment by the President. That appoinment is only for a year and now he once again needs to be confirmed by the senate to continue.

The Dems age like the angry Capo, they never liked Bolton, but need to seek revenge because of the way he was appointed. By not getting the chance to drag Bolton through the mud, it was kind of like when the gangster doesn’t get his protection money…somebody is going to have their legs broken.

Bolton’s best shot is to try to get confirmed before the Republican contolled Senate give up power next month. But the Dems are doing their best to delay:

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said: “Forget about John Bolton,” he
told CBS chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation. “The Republicans didn’t have enough votes to get the guy out of committee [before the Democrats take control]. So I think we should go to things that we can work together on.”

In spite of the lack of committee votes, White House chief of staff Josh Bolten said Sunday that “We’re putting him up for confirmation.

“I think if he actually was able to get a vote in the full Senate, he would succeed,” he said.

As reported in the Boston Herald last week Senator Biden, the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, shows why the vote cant wait , he saw “no point in considering Mr. Bolton’s nomination again.”

Folks the time to act is now we must stop the Stop the Demo-Pranos, write your Senator, your congressman, hell your mother if it would help…but we must make sure that the Bolton vote goes to the Full Senate NOW.

As the Blogging for Bolton site says:

Nearly five years after 9/11, we are well into an epic, generational struggle. A struggle that pits freedom against tyranny … hope against fear … democracy against Islamic radicalism. The men and women of our Armed Forces are fighting with heroic resolve … and they deserve to be supported in their mission by diplomats willing to call evil by its name, able to rally our friends and allies behind the global expansion of freedom and democracy, and unafraid to passionately pursue reform of our dysfunctional international institutions.

That’s why we need John Bolton’s leadership at the United Nations. Unfortunately, his recess appointment expires in January of 2007 … so we must act now to confirm him permanently.
This month Senate Republicans will do everything they can to break Democrat obstruction and give John Bolton the fair up-or-down vote that he was denied last year. But we need your help to turn up the heat on the Democrats by flooding their offices with your calls in support of Ambassador Bolton and the President’s agenda for reforming the waste and incompetence of the United Nations.
So call as many Senators as you are able … check off the offices that you’ve called and then click below to register your calls… forward this website to your friends, family, and co-workers so we can keep up the momentum … and return to the site to see the climbing numbers of calls placed in support of John Bolton.
And click here to download a Blogging for Bolton web button and place it on your blog or website to show your support for John Bolton, a man who isn’t afraid to proudly defend America, our foreign policy and our allies in the War on Terror.

For more information on how you can help click here

Pam at Atlas Shrugs has a great Bolton post today. It includes his great speach about the UN General ASSembly vote last week. I urge you to take a look at it here.

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