Sestak, continues to stand by his assertion that the administration offered him a job in exchange for not running against Specter.
Strangely it took only 24 hours for the White House to deny Eric Massa’s claims of arm twisting, but its almost three weeks into the Sestak scandal and Gibbs hasn’t had time to find out if he was offered a bribe not to run?  What is the White House hiding?

The controversy started on Feb. 18, when Sestak appeared on “Larry Kane: Voice of Reason,” a public affairs television program on the Comcast Network in Pennsylvania. Kane asked, “Were you ever offered a federal job to get out of this race?”

“Yes,” said Sestak.

“Was it secretary of the Navy?” said Kane.

“No comment, though I would never get out for a deal. I’m in this for the Democratic principles,” said Sestak.

“Okay,” said Kane. “But there was a job offered to you by the White House?”

“Yes, someone offered–” said Sestak.

“It was big, right?” asked Kane.

“It was—let me not comment on it,” Sestak said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, which had a reporter present when Sestak taped the interview with Kane, reported that Sestak “nodded when asked if the offer was for a high-ranking post.”

..On Feb. 19, Martha MacCallum interviewed Sestak on Fox News and asked him about his allegation that the administration had offered him a job in exchange for not running against Specter in the primary.

“The White House now says, you know, on background, that that is not true and that they have no further comment on it, but that it’s not true,” she said. “Your response, sir?”

“I was asked a direct question yesterday, and I answered it honestly,” said Sestak. “There’s nothing more to go in to.”

  So what is the answer Mr. Gibbs? If Sestak is full of Bull tell us.  Your non answer is beginning to become an answer in itself.