I live in the same town as my Congressman, Democrat Steve Israel, he used to be a member of my synagogue, my daughter and his daughter went to High School together, heck the Congressman sat in front of me during graduation. Last time that I wrote that Congress would be exempt from Obamacare, the Congressman tweeted me that and said I was lying. We all know now he was the one being untruthful.

I have been sending Congressman Israel many questions over the past few weeks, even called his office, I still haven’t received an answer to my two simple questions.

1) Congressman Israel, why wont you promise to read the entire heath bill before you vote on it?

2) Congressman Israel  if the public plan is so good why don’t you promise to back out of the congressional plan and go on the plan ? If Obamacare is good enough for my daughter, why is isn’t it good enough for yours?

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Congressman Israel has not answered my questions nor does it look like he will. I read this in today’s NY Post:

WASHINGTON — New York lawmakers are taking extraordinary steps to make sure their “town hall” meetings on health care don’t become angry shouting matches or embarrassing clips on YouTube — in some cases turning events into private, invitation-only affairs.

A handful of Democratic members of Congress across the country, including Rep. Tim Bishop of Long Island, have gotten booed and shouted down by crowds at meetings with their constituents, in what some charge is a coordinated nationwide effort by opponents.

But several area lawmakers are taking steps to minimize the chance that health-care critics will be able to protest.

* Rep. Steve Israel (D-LI) held a health-care “roundtable” Thursday night, but made the event “invitation only.”

An Israel staffer who had been asked in advance about any planned town-hall meetings didn’t respond to a Post inquiry until after the event was over.

Nice going Congressman Israel, glad to know that you don’t give a rat’s backside about your constituents. If you did you would hold an open town hall. Are you afraid to face the fact that the public is against Obamacare? Or is it that you have to blindly follow your party, like you did with the stimulus bill and cap and trade.