Ms Pamela of Atlas is Staying home too, but there will be a rally at the Grand Hyatt on Thursday we both urge you to go (See what she says below):


I have attended the anti-Ahamdinejad rally for years now. I will not attend tomorrow. The anti-Ahmadinejad rally always hosts any number of politicians. How can one effect change in public and foreign policy without the politicians? Politicians always appear but it is not a political rally. I covered the rally here in 2006 with Hillary Clinton (yes, Hillary attends this rally, but pulled out this year), Livni, Bolton, then Governor Pataki, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, and Professor Alan Dershowitz among others (plenty of politicians).
In September 2007, I covered the same rally. My issue at that rally and I quote,

My issue with this rally is the Jewish lay leadership’s stuck on stupid program with the same tired leftarded NY Democrat speakers. Even Anthony Weiner was there, fresh off his march in the Islamists day parade, Nadler, Menendez – that whole cast of dhimmis. They still don’t get it.

So I was dancing – literally – when I heard that Palin had accepted an invitation to speak at the anti- Ahmadinejad rally. Pure joy. And I was not alone. This is not just a Jewish issue – this is a free world issue and the veep contender speaking forcefully against jihad nukes was a gift from the universe. It would have sent a powerful message. Obama and the Democrats saw this and knew how weak they are on this issue – so they bullied the Jews into canceling a great American and friend to Israel. Jewish leadership caved. “Leaders” like Hoenlein will/can never get anything meaningful accomplished. His time is over. Israel is in Iran’s nuclear cross hairs. Full weaponization is either here or imminent. Malcolm Hoinlein must go. He is old and tired and gutless. He is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations since June 1986- it was his decision to make. Heinlein has demonstrated he is not capable of leading the Jewish people as the world prepares for a second holocaust. Left wing politics of yesterday cause irreparable harm. I am sure you heard that intense Pressure led To Palin UN Snub – [CBS 2 HD Has Learned Democrats Threatened To Attack Jewish Groups’ Tax Exempt Status Over VP Nominee Invite]. I was told this too when I called to rail against this Jew hating move. Are we supposed to believe Hoenlien when he says he believed his tax status we seriously imperiled by the kapos of J Street and the NJDC (National Jewish Democrat Council)? Who was he afraid of? Tax cheat and enforcer Rangel? Hoenlein caved to the Soros created J Street as a “counter balance” to AIPAC? Soros – an admitted Nazi during World War II is counter balancing AIPAC? He’s back at it, rounding up Jews and their belongings. Worse still, Malcolm deferred to the increasingly hostile to Israel and Jewish left. Obama is soft on Iran and jihad.He studied it through his youth and considers it “one of the prettiest sounds he has ever heard”. Biden has been Ahmadinejad’s ambassador to the Congress. He has stood in the way of any effective legislation. That’s a fact. No one took J Street seriously – until Hoenlein gave them cred. Hoenlein should have insisted that Palin would appear and pushed back. Insisted that Obama send someone to represent him or suffer the consequences of an empty chair. And Hoelein damaged the reputations of the other Jewish organizations sponsoring the event. The Israel Group had the good sense to withdraw their support and their name from the rally. Bottom line, if Obama gets in – tax threats will be on the bottom of the lists of things Jews will be worried about. And imagine the public relations disaster for Democrats if they went after the Jews. I mean, really. Hoenlein could have documented the threats and pulled them out if they made good on their threat. That’s what a leader would have done. Hoenlein blew it and every freedom lover will pay. I also heard the organizers of the rally didn’t want the media frenzy that a Palin appearance might genrate. Ha!I do the anti-ahmadinejad rally every year and every year the media ignores it. Palin would have brought the rally to the front of the world media, something desperately needed. I will not attend a rally who caves into dhimmi Jews. Attending the rally gives tacit support to a Jewicidal cave. I would have spit on the Jewish councils, I spit on this. I strongly urge you not to attend this rally. Hold Jewish leadership accountable! The only good that can and should come of this is disaster is that Jews that have been blindly and deafly been voting Democrat for decades hear about this and it shocks them – snaps them into reality. For the first time in history, the Jewish vote in New York is just 5 points behind the jihad candidate. I predict this will make a difference. I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO ATTEND THE SPETEMBER 25TH RALLY AT 5:30 PM AT THE HYATT TO PROTEST A DINNER HONORING AHMADINEJAD. DETAILS HERE. The rally has a website – 925

Women United, the Jewish Action Alliance, Stand With Us, Center for Security Policy, the Catholic League, the Traditional Values Coalition, the Alliance of Iranian Women and over 20 other organizations of all faiths and political affiliations will hold an interfaith rally to counter this BETRAYAL, to protest Ahmadinejad’s presence at the United Nations, and to oppose Iran’s nuclear weapons program and outrageous threats against the USA and America’s ally, Israel. See the full list of participating organizations HERE , updated daily. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been invited to speak along with many other civic and religious leaders and politicians, both Democrats and Republicans. Please join us at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, East 42nd St, near Lexington Ave and Grand Central Station in Manhattan, at 5:30pm. PLAN EXTRA TRAVEL TIME because the large number of attendees will affect traffic near the event