We all know that failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has said some pretty goofy things over the years. And yet, her latest might just take the cake. That’s saying a lot.  Stacey Abrams is upset illegal immigrants “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them.

Abrams said that 50% of the population under the age of 15 is “communities of color” and if they are “removed from the calculation,” a “whiter, more Republican voting base” will be created. But counting illegals will balance out the white vote.

A Biden/Abrams administration would be terrible for America, but it sure would be pretty hilarious to watch them run and lose.

Conservative actor James Woods took notice…

From Politico:

Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia lawmaker and unsuccessful candidate for governor, has been privately calling Democratic power brokers, asking them to tell Biden campaign officials that she should be vice president, according to multiple labor leaders familiar with the discussions.

Elizabeth Warren is cranking up her small-dollar machine. The Biden campaign has noticed that in media appearances, Warren, the progressive senator from Massachusetts, consistently plugged JoeBiden.com and urged people to donate — an appeal that a Biden adviser said did not come from the campaign.


Other prospects are following different routes. Kamala Harris is exhibiting her party-building credentials, scheduling virtual events with Senate candidates in Maine, Montana and South Carolina and setting up a joint fundraising operation with the Democratic National Committee. And the California senator is engaging in the kind of outreach that could be valuable to a white, male, 77-year-old nominee — writing an op-ed in Refinery 29, whose target audience is young, progressive women, and doing press reaching young black and Asian American people.

About that flag burning…

On Sunday, a stunning clip featuring Abrams from 2014 was uncovered.


For some reason, Stacey believes she’ll be sitting behind the resolute desk by 2040:

They won’t elect her because her elevator doesn’t go up to the top floor.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, Radio, or the internet.  Despite my lack of a degree, it is easy to diagnose that former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has a severe case of Hillary Clinton disease. It’s a horrible affliction of the brain where one cannot accept losing political battles, deny defeat, and blame the loss on a falsehood. She still doesn’t accept the fact that she lost the 2018 Georgia governor election.

That’s despite the fact that the election saw the highest level of registered voters ever and one of the highest voter turnouts in history. “Voter participation rose from 43 percent in 2014 to 57 percent in 2018 in Georgia, and overall voter registration rose 20 percent during Kemp’s tenure.”  Maybe Abrams just stinks at math and doesn’t understand the turnout numbers.

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