If you listen to the conservative pundits, Obama’s Spend-a-porkulus, is all about transfer of the economy from the private sector to the public sector and they are correct.  But there is another reason for the bill one that make’s it worthwhile to the liberals to pass a bill which, if it doesn’t work, will drive their party out of power as quickly as they took over. But if this plan does work, it will keep the most liberal of Democrats in power for generations to come.

This plan represents the “best” of Chicago liberal politics as taught by the first Mayor Daley. Daley’s chief means of attaining electoral success was his reliance on local precinct captains, who marshaled and delivered votes on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Many of these precinct captains held patronage jobs with the city, mostly minor posts at low pay. Their job was to dole out favors in the name of the Mayor.

President Obama’s Spend-a-porkulus bill which stands before congress will translate Mayor Daily’s strategies to a national plane, Allow me to point out two provisions:

“Tax Cuts” Here Obama goes around the middle man the local precinct captains and straight to the new votes. With these tax cuts Obama will be courting favor with the poor by developing a tax cut plan which is essentially welfare.  US citizens who do not pay taxes will still be receiving money back from the government. But guess what it goes way beyond that because ILLEGAL ALIENS will also be getting this “tax cut” rebate from the government.

ACORN. Remember Obama’s favorite community activist group ACORN? They are the ones who helped the future president “get out the votes” registering Obama voters in two or three counties, or registering fictional and/or dead people. ACORN is under indictment in 12 states.

This spending bill provides them with up to $5.2 billion dollars for their housing oriented activities, at the same time, it empowers the organization to act as President Obama’s grass roots precinct captains.

Tying it together. Now consider the above with some other administration policies. Don’t forget that the Democrat’s policy on immigration is to grant amnisty to the 12.5 million illegal immigrants. Those are 12.5 million new voters who just recieved a nice “tax break” and put on the fast track for citizenship by the Democratic Party.

Consider also that the White House will now be extra “involved” with the Census.  Lets face it. Behind that announcement was to make sure that the Democratic oriented minority and low income cities/states get counted even if it is at the expense of other areas.  What you are really looking an attempt at shifting congressional seats and electoral votes to areas that may be more likely to vote Democratic. And that was before they got all of that “Free Money” from the stimulus bill.

Folks that is why you need to call your Senators and your Congressional Representative  (they will have to vote on it again if it passes the Senate) to tell them to vote no on the Spend-a-porkulus. Not only will it bankrupt the country, but it will help the Democrats maintian power for generations.