During the past week or so, Donald Trump who has been testing the Presidential waters has hit almost every network, pushing his birther position.  Ultimately this will prevent him from ever being considered a realistic candidate for POTUS. The birther issue is a losing one, not only for him but it slimes the conservative movement.

Lets face it, if I was President Obama and there were no birther movement, I would invent one. It destroys the credibility of anyone who talks about it. To moderates and liberals, the birther movement is the right-wing equivalent of those drooling liberals who are still calling the 2000 election stolen, 21 years after George Bush was declared the winner.

I should admit that I am a “reformed birther,” When I first started seeing the evidence during the early part of the 2008 campaign it made sense to me. That was until I saw the Barack Obama birth announcements that ran in local Hawaiian newspapers. For those to be fake, Obama’s mom would have to have seen into the future, known he was going to run for president, and planted those announcements in 1961.

Trump theorizes that it was his Grandparents putting the announcement in the paper because they wanted their grandson to have all the advantages of being considered an American citizen.  But he leaves out one important piece of information– evidence.

Just as logical explanation is that someone at the DNC performed one of those Star Trek maneuvers, when they fly toward the sun to pick up speed, circle the sun and come back in the past, like they did in Star Trek IV to pick up some Whales for the future. Since neither the Trump nor the Star Trek explanations have any evidence. I will continue to reject the birther movement until someone comes up with convincing evidence of time travel or, of course the Starship Enterprise (I would even accept a Romulan Ship as long as the cloaking device still works).

Just like the lugnuts who are still counting chads a decade after George Bush defeated Al Gore, this renewed birther thing will not win. Besides if the birther claim was true, Joe Biden, the SCHMOTUS would have let is slip it out months ago.

Trump is running for the Presidency because the feels that the United States is facing major problems both internally and externally.  He is right. There is so much to attack President Obama about.  His domestic policies are pushing the US down the road toward bankruptcy, his foreign policies are making us the laughing stock of the world.  This nonsense about Obama’s  birth certificate is taking attention from the real arguments. Don’t you get it, that’s reason Obama hasn’t released his birth certificate. 

The only one served by the Birther movement is Barack Hussein Obama, because it gives him and his cronies the opportunity to dismiss the entire lot of us. Birthers like Donald Trump need to wake up, the time for time for them to let it go passed two and a half years ago. Barack Obama may not be our kind of American, but he is an American never-the-less. Lets fight against his policies, those are the arguments that we have a chance of winning.

There is a second issue about Obama’s birth. There are those who believe that he is born in the United States but unlike most Democrats, do not believe that he was a “Virgin Birth,” that argument about Obama’s birth is perfectly legitimate.

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