The mainstream media is tripping all over themselves trying to find ways to attack Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for disagreeing with President Obama’s sucker deal with Iran. They look for and promote each Israeli figure who speaks out against Netanyahu.

Their latest pawn is Ehud Olmert, former Israeli PM who left office in disgrace Olmert was convicted on one count of breach of trust and is waiting for the verdict in the Holyland affair.

For example, under the title Israeli leaders bicker over U.S. the Associated Press reported

Olmert said Sunday that Benjamin Netanyahu’s public criticism of the American-led nuclear deal with Iran was provocative and counterproductive. He said he too would differ with the American president, but always made sure to do so in private.

In an apparent response, Netanyahu responded that in contrast to others when it came to the vital security of Israel’s citizens “I will not be silent.”
First of all Olmert may be a former Israeli leader but now he is a disgraced politician, even before the scandals his popularity was failing.

The Obama administration is also attacking Netanyahu

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Senior officials in the White House have said that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “is desperate and weak,” in reaction to Netanyahu’s remonstrations against the deal struck with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.

Israeli television Channel 10 quoted the officials as saying “His pronouncements show a lack of self-confidence,” in an unusually harsh personal attack on Netanyahu. “We are not perturbed by his vocal opposition.”

On the other hand it is clear that Israeli’s support Netanyahu’s criticism of Obama.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to prevent the Iranian nuclear agreement may have weakened his standing at the White House, but it has actually boosted his standing among the Israeli electorate. Likud-Beitenu has risen to its highest level since the January elections – 37 Knesset seats, were elections held today, according to the “Globes”-Smith Institute poll for November. The Likud-Beitenu gained three seats compared with the previous poll in late October, and six seats compared with its showing in the elections.

When Israel faces a security or sensitive diplomatic crisis, the public rallies around Netanyahu, who is perceived as authoritative, and the only man who can deal with Iran, regardless of whether the public agrees with him or not. The public will also stand by the prime minister against rivals.

 Sorry mainstream media, come up with any amount of liberal outliers and disgraced politicians you want, but it’s not going to change the facts, when Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out against the Iran deal, he is speaking for the bulk of the Israeli public.