NOTE: I was totally wrong below and have written an apology which you can read here 

This weekend Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker at the NRA convention (an organization I recently joined). During one part of his speech (IMHO) Beck went over the line:

We also must understand that many of our fellow citizens. No longer want to accept any kind of responsibility at all — the explanation for Michael Bloomberg in New York City. I am amazed at how many of my New York friends have become absolute jokes. And just — sacked the soda — popcorn plant — They’ll just accepted. I by the way just a quick note I want to — and an advertisement here — come up with a new advertisement for New York we all know I heart New York. But like to show you my new advertisement for — new slogan there it is.

 HUH? Bloomberg a Nazi? Sorry Glenn—Michael Bloomberg is a statist, he is a nanny stater, a socialist/fascist maybe and and definitely an arrogant a-hole who believes he has the power to take away our freedoms…but he is NOT a Nazi.

There was only one  “Nazi’s”  and they were behind the holocaust.  Six Million Jews were killed along with millions of others. Bloomberg may be trying to take away our freedoms but he is not responsible for the death of millions.

Every time the term Nazi is used when somebody really means a statist or an arrogant a-hole it makes the term Nazi just a little bit less awful.  It’s the same as what the progressives do when they call conservatives racists because they disagree with President Obama, or use the term Chicago.

Glenn in the past I have defended you when Abe Foxman of the ADL attacked your positions (partially because I believed you were right and partially because like the NYC Mayor, Foxman is a progressive-first arrogant statist).  However this time if Abe comes after you—well you are on your own–because he would be right. Your picture of Bloomberg as  Nazi was inappropriate and insensitive. I know you didn’t mean it to be but it was. And quite frankly you should apologize.

UPDATE: I have received a few civil comments (most have been very nasty) saying that the photo Glenn Beck used was a Soviet rather than a Nazi salute.  If that is the case, Glenn let me know and I will  apologize–but it sure looks like a Nazi salute to me.