As the saying goes, Money Talks, Bull Sh*t Walks. George Soros, Nazi Collaborator and MAJOR Democratic Party rainmaker is already working on the influence he will have on an Obama government’s foreign policy. Through his foreign policy Think Tank Soros is working with anti-Israel Samantha Power, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Malley. Power and Malley have both said that they will be part of an Obama administration. For his part, Obama says that right now these people are not amongst his advisors, just anti-Israel Senator Lugar.

Through this anti-Jew Crew Senator Obama has already been hard at work appeasing terrorists. While we have been worrying about the economy, one of these Soros funded team has been spending time working with Syria:

‘Former’ Obama Advisor Meets with Syrians Ed Lasky

The International Crisis Group (ICG) is a George Soros controlled “think-tank” that gave him a Founders Award. He is on the board as are Samantha Power and Zbigniew Brzezinski. We have written about these two figures in the past at American Thinker. Power has said on separate occasions that she will serve in an Obama Administration. There is a host of bad “apples” that are connected to the ICG.
When the ICG gave Soros an award he praised them for their work on the “Palestinian question”-as he should since their Middle East section of analysts is chock full of anti-Israel ‘experts’. I have written about the ICG numerous times and the future role it might play as a proto-State Department.
Now another figure that has been written about at American Thinker is in the news again: Robert Malley, former (and future?) adviser to Barack Obama and a man who serves as a key foreign policy expert at the ICG.
He recently met with Syrian leader Basher Assad and explained the role the ICG would have in briefing the new US Administration (and I doubt he meant McCain) about Syria’s important role in the region.

Of course, maybe he was just boasting about his and the ICG’s role. Perhaps not. The ICG has deep ties with the bad guys over in the region. If people involved in the ICG come on board in an Obama White House, people concerned about the future of our embattled ally should turn their radar on.
From a highly-regarded foreign policy expert::

Malley has been quarterbacking for the Syrians since 2006 at least. The notion that they refer to him commonly as a lobbyist for the regime in the Syrian outlets is because he negotiated with the Syrians to have an office for the ICG based in Damascus (the only think tank with such an office). He has been paying the dues. First by producing the report on restarting Syrian-Israeli talks in 2006 and with a series of events and articles — including by Peter Harling, who is heading the Damascus office. He also moved on the French end to get them to dump the US policy on Syria (so much for Bush’s “unilateralism”). He was running around DC trying to talk to Bush administration officials to open up to Syria. In essence, he was/is a lobbyist for the Syrians.

He then orchestrated a series of meetings for Obama people with the Syrians, and worked to get the Syrian delegation to come to DC through Thomas Dine. He also authored a position paper on Syria that was signed by all the usual suspects, including those involved in getting the Syrian delegation here.

Rick Moran adds:

If Obama wishes to talk to Syria into being a good international citizen as well as ask them to help in keeping Iraq stable, there is only one thing – and one thing only – Bashar Assad wants from the United States; hands off Lebanon. In short, Assad will only deal if we abandon Lebanon to their fate.

Sometime in the near future Syria will have an opportunity to slither back into Lebanon – either overtly through some kind of invasion or more likely, through the total takeover of the country via their proxy Hezb’allah. Lebanese Christians and most Sunnis in the country fear that an Obama administration would sell them out for some kind of peace deal between Syria and Israel or an agreement that Syria will play a constructive role in Iraq.

We’ve done it before when James Baker gave Assad’s father Hafez carte blanche in Lebanon in exchange for his help in the first Gulf War. And it looks like we’re about to betray the tiny country again under an Obama administration.