After reading this some of you might think, “does he like hate mail?” The answer is no, I just like being honest. Before anything else is said understand that the feeling here is Ray Rice is a disgraceful human being. There is never an excuse for a man to beat a woman. Heck there isn’t even an excuse for a man to hit another man.  Yesterday we found out that Rice says he was a heavy drinker and that was what led to his actions. He’s given up hard liquor and has found God since then.

First of all if Rice really has a drinking problem he has to give up ALL alcohol not just the “hard” stuff but the “light” drinks such as wine and beer also. Secondly is it me or every time someone famous really screws up we hear they “found” God.  If he really made a connection with God that’s a wonderful thing, but the fact that he is blaming his actions on drink and lack of faith is indicative that he doesn’t really understand what that relationship with God is supposed to be and that God would prefer he take the blame for his own actions.

Ray Rice should not be banned from the NFL forever. Suspend him for a season, make sure he stays in some sort of support program– but is it really best to deal with Rice by taking away his livelihood? Think about this for a second.  Janay decided to stay with him they now have a child Rayven. What about them? If Ray Rice is banned forever the NFL takes away Janay and Rayven’s livelihood also.  I don’t know what happens to their health insurance but the NFL would possibly be taking away their health insurance also.  So if Rice is thrown out of the game forever his wife and kid get punished also–is that what the public wants?

Stop blaming the NFL! When Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp in February 2009, people went after Brown not his record label.  The person most responsible for the Ray Rice mess is Ray Rice.  If one wants to go beyond that look to the DA’s office who dropped the criminal charges were later after Rice agreed to undergo court-supervised counseling. It doesn’t matter that Janay didn’t want to testify…the DA’s office doesn’t deny they had the elevator tape. I am no apologist for the “evil empire” of the NFL and second tape or not they knew he knocked her out, but let’s be real if the DA’s office let him off why would the NFL treat him more harshly.  And the calls for Goodall to resign are ridiculous also. All those sports experts saying he is definitely,100% lying about never seeing the tape are making things up. He may have seen it and/or he may not have seen it.   Yes it seems as if the NFL did some stupid stuff in judging Ray Rice, for example they should have interviewed Janay without Ray in the room. Right now there is now an outside investigation to determine what the NFL did right and wrong in the Rice and other domestic violence cases. Until then sportswriters—>let me know what the Jets have to do to beat the Packers this weekend and shut up about something you don’t know about.

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The Ray Rice incident is a disgusting mess and Rice is a disgusting excuse for a human being. But the reactions by the supposed reporters, pundits and other experts is unhelpful to Rice’s wife and child and only serves to incite rather than to search for the truth.