Super Bowl Sunday for many across America is an opportunity to sit in front of the television set for hours eating “junk,” watching football, and making fun of the commercials. Super Bowl #49 was no different. But what people forget is that it’s also supposed to be a learning experience. So as I sat with my family I took notes about what I learned during the Super Bowl:

  •  Why The Patriots won.  Isn’t it apparent? Pete Carrol was coach of the NY Jets for an entire season, Beelzebub Belichick was only the coach for one day. Obviously Carrol had a bigger NY Jets stain so the Seahawks lost.
  • Chris Matthews: The reason he is such a nasty political idiot is that he his holding down two job. Not only does he work at MSNBC five days a week, but he plays for the Seattle Seahawks on game days. He made 4 catches in the Super Bowl which indicates which career would be more successful. 
  • Pigs in A Blanket: Eating 30-40 pigs in a blanket does not hurt you sleep as long as you spread them out throughout the game. That was just was just one of the delicacies made by my wife and the 30-40 is a low ball [burp-excuse me] estimate.
    • It’s Okay to use a dead president in an ad. Some thought this use of JFK in the Carnival ad was disgusting. But anybody watching TV on President’s day has seen Lincoln and/or Washington selling cars so why is using Kennedy bad?

    It’s also not the first ad using a Kennedy, Remember this one?

    • The Seahawks could score at will. The last drive in the first half and the almost score at the end of the game saw the Seahawks move the ball at will…but they couldn’t move the ball most of the rest of the game. Was the Patriots D complacent on those drive?
    • The worst commercial of all time? There have been bad commercials in the Super Bowl before, but this one may have been  the most hated commercial of all time. Despite the fact that it was an exciting game, the twitter world was going crazy about the “dead kids” Nationwide ad. Before you blame the Advertising agency for this commercial remember, people high up at Nationwide approved this ad.
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    This proves the environment you place a commercial is important.  If the TV spot ran during the evening news it may have not been as universally panned, but the Super Bowl is a family event. 

    • Bill Belichick’s contract with the devil must run at least through 2015.
    • Almost as bad as the Nationwide Commercial.  The BMW ad with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel was cute…until it talked about Katie Couric twerking. The thought almost made me lose my pigs in blanket.

    • I would have called a running play but…. But for all of the criticism of Pete Carrol for the play which led  Malcolm Butler’s game saving pick,  Butler made a great play going for the ball, and if he missed and the play led to a touchdown Carrol would be called a genius. Oh and it wasn’t the worst play call in NFL history–this one still holds the record. NY Giants QB Joe Pisarcik only had to take the snap and fall to one knee an the Giants would have run out the clock and upset the Eagles, but he tried instead to hand the ball off. It led to a fumble and Herm Edwards (yes that one) scooped up the ball and ran for a game-winning Eagles TD.