The return of the old Latin mass has been debated on Jewish and Catholic blogs for weeks now. What I didn’t realize until today was that the “Conservative” Catholic group that the Pope was trying to placate with the return of the old mass has a track record of Anti-Jewish theology. Take for example Richard Nelson Williamson, he is a bishop of the Society of St. Pius X

Williamson has frequently been accused of anti-Semitism on the basis of reported remarks concerning Jews, Judaism and the Holocaust. In published letters to friends and benefactors he has quoted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as authoritative, and reports of spoken remarks suggest he has sought to downplay the extent and significance of the Holocaust genocide:

  • In 1989, while speaking at Notre Dame de Lourdes church in Sherbrooke, Canada, he is alleged to have claimed that “there was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies. The Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel…. Jews made up the Holocaust, Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism.” [12] Williamson subsequently defended these remarks, saying “I was attacking the enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that includes Jews, as well as Communists and Freemasons.”
  • In his March 2000 letter to friends and benefactors, he wrote: “In today’s crisis of Church and world, our strength is in God alone, because humanly speaking we are powerless in the face of the trials confronting us. Our enemies are all-powerful, those inside the Church being much more dangerous than those outside. Just as the chief priests and ancients hated Jesus unto death, but they needed an Apostle to betray him, so we may blame Jews and Freemasons and others like them for engineering the destruction of the Church, but it has taken churchmen from within to do the actual betraying and destroying. Does Our Lord hate these traitors, as we can be sorely tempted to do? No, he seeks only their salvation, although their punishment will be horrible if they do not repent.”.
  • In his April 2000 letter, he wrote: “Catholics are the people of the New and Eternal Covenant, which did away with the Old Testament or Covenant made on Mount Sinai between God and the Israelites, as substance replaces shadow (Heb. X, 1). The Jews are no longer the people of a valid Covenant, in fact any religious practice of their dead covenant, because it looks forward to the Messiah coming, has been, ever since the Messiah came, mortal sin, at least objectively. And secondly, down 2,000 years Jews have repeatedly sought to undermine the Catholic Church and to take Christ out of Christendom (leaving only endom or enddoom!). In praying to commit the Church to “genuine brotherhood” with these people, does the Pope take into account this lesson of two millennia? He makes no mention of it in his prayer for pardon.”
  • In his May 2000 letter, he wrote: “God puts in men’s hands the Protocols of the Sages of Sion and the Rakovsky Interview, if men want to know the truth, but few do….Dear readers, God is in command. He and His Mother know exactly what they are doing. They do not expect all of us to know such details as above of the plotting of wicked men, but especially when we do know them, Heaven expects us to take the simple remedial action which it puts in the hands of all of us the prayer of the Rosary and the five first Saturdays. We cannot see, but we must believe in, the world-saving power of these simple remedies.”
  • In his October 2001 letter, he wrote: “If we return for a moment to politics, the United States is now caught precisely between these two scourges of God. Unquestionably one main grievance of Arabs against the United States, provoking their terrorists to lash out as we have seen, is the United States’ one-sided favoring of Israel over the Arabs for the last forty years. But each time the United States attempts to act even-handedly towards the Arabs, Jewish power inside the United States – e.g. virtual control of finance and the media – blocks the attempt, and the United States returns to oppressing the Arabs.”
  • In his November 2005 letter, he referred to “the domination of Jewish finance” in this context: “….St Paul frames the equality of different human races, classes and sexes within Christ. In other words the equality is before God, and will only be fulfilled in Heaven. St Paul would never have dreamt of denying or wiping out the inequality of human differences before men. As to the inequality in this life between Jew and Greek, see Romans and Galatians; between bond and free, see Philemon; between man and woman, see Ephesians and Colossians. The will of God for men on earth is that Catholic save Jew, that the man free look after the bondsman and that the man be head of the woman. So when the white men give up on saving Jews, looking after other races and leading their womenfolk, it is altogether normal for them to be punished respectively by the domination of Jewish finance, by the refusal to follow of the non-white races and by rampant feminism. For by refusing Christ, these whites no longer understand the divine dimension of the true equality between men. Retaining however from Christianity, because it suits their pride, the sense of the value of every man, then all eternity’s equality has to be squeezed into this little life on earth, where it necessarily crushes the hierarchies willed by God between races, classes, and sexes. So by affirming the equality of men without Christ and without eternal life, these white men betray alike Jew and bond and woman…..Then what? Then we need to pray that the much greater disasters soon to take place will open as many eyes as possible, to save as many souls as possible, and if the white men still refuse to convert, let us pray for some great conversions amongst Jews, Muslims and blacks so that they may take over where the whites have left off, and may continue to show us the way to Heaven. So long as God is served, all honour to His servants, of any race, class or sex!”

This is the type of Catholic that the Pope is trying to make nicey-nicey with.

Wiesenthal Center Condemns Antisemitic Schismatic Catholic Group Against the backdrop of Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio that invites greater use of pre-Vatican II Latin Mass liturgy, the Wiesenthal Center reiterated its grave concerns over the theologically-based Jew hatred of a prominent schismatic church, the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), specifically mentioned in the Pope’s letter to Bishops that accompanied his ruling. The Switzerland-based SSPX insists that many Vatican II changes are inauthentic and illegal. “Their view of New Testament Scripture holds the Jews “directly responsible for the crucifixion,” and all subsequent generations of Jews cursed with the ‘blindness to things of G-d and eternity,’” charged Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. SSPX teaches that Jews as a people stand “in entire opposition with the Catholic Church.” Further, it asserts, “Christendom and Jewry are designed inevitably to meet everywhere without reconciliation or mixing.” It represents in history “the eternal struggle of Lucifer against G-d, of darkness against the Light.” “Jews,” SSPX insists, “should neither be eliminated from among us…nor given equality of rights. Jews are known to kill Christians.” SSPX reportedly sells copies of the infamous forgery The Protocols of the Elder of Zion, and its Bishop of Canada defends the libelous work on their website “Thankfully, SSPX’s antisemitism is not characteristic of other Traditionalists. However, we hope that the Church will condition any rapprochement with this group to the abandonment of their open theological hatred for Jews, which stands in defiance of Church teaching,” Cooper added. Earlier, the Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish groups expressed concern that a 1962 Good Friday Latin Mass, predating Vatican II,* includes prayers “even” for the Jews who live with a “veil of blindness,” and for their conversion, as well as one for the “heathens,” i.e. Muslims. “These words, taken alone could be seen as stepping back from the current Good Friday Mass which underscores the eternity “of the promise to Abraham and his posterity,” he concluded.

***From the 1962 Good Friday Mass Liturgy:
For the conversion of the Jews. Let us pray also for the Jews that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us pray: Almighty and everlasting God, You do not refuse Your mercy even to the Jews; hear the prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people so that they may acknowledge the light of Your truth, which is Christ, and be delivered from their darkness…
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From the Post-Vatican II Good Friday Mass currently in use:
Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God, that they may continue to grow in the love of his Name and in faithfulness to His covenant.
Almighty and eternal God, long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and his posterity. Listen to your Church as we pray that the people you first made your own may arrive at the fullness of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Maybe its time for Jews to go back to our old theology. The Prayer Alenu actually has a few lines that were taken out specifically because in our history groups like Society of St. Pius X who spewed hatred instead of theology would round us up lock us in a barn and then burn it down. And just like the Pope today we changed our theology to make nicey-nice to those evil bigots. The following is from the Jewish Encyclopedia

The last prayer of the daily liturgy in most congregations, so called from its initial word, “‘Alenu,” which means “It is incumbent upon us,”or “It is our duty.” It is one of the most sublime prayers of the entire liturgy, and has a remarkable history, almost typical of the race from which it emanated. It became the cause of slanderous accusation and persecution, as a result of which it was in part mutilated through fear of the official censors. But having been thus mutilated, it is difficult to present it in its original form. To restore it and render it at least intelligible, recourse must be had to old books and documents. The following is a literal translation from the original so far as it can be restored:

“It is incumbent upon us to give praise to the Lord of the Universe, to glorify Him who formed creation, for He hath not made us to be like the nations of the lands, nor hath He made us like the families of the earth; He hath not set our portion with theirs, nor our lot with their multitude; . . . for they prostrate themselves before vanity and folly, and pray to a god who can not help. . . . But we bend the knee and prostrate ourselves and bow down before the King of the Kings of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He! For it is He who stretched forth the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, and the seat of His glory is in the heavens above, and His mighty dwelling-place (Shekinah) is in the loftiest heights. ‘He is our God, and there is none other.’ In truth, He is our King, there is none besides Him, as it is written in His Torah: ‘And thou shalt know this day and lay it to thine heart that the Lord is God in heaven above and upon the earth beneath: and there is none other.’

“Therefore do we wait for Thee, O Lord our God, soon to behold Thy mighty glory, when Thou wilt remove the abominations from the earth, and idols shalt be exterminated; when the world shall be regenerated by the kingdom of the Almighty, and all the children of flesh invoke Thy name; when all the wicked of the earth shall be turned unto Thee. Then shall all the inhabitants of the world perceive and confess that unto Thee every knee must bend, and every tongue be sworn. Before Thee, O Lord our God, shall they kneel and fall down, and unto Thy glorious name give honor. So will they accept the yoke of Thy kingdom, and Thou shall be King over them speedily forever and aye. For Thine is the kingdom, and to all eternity Thou wilt reign in glory, as it is written in Thy Torah: ‘The Lord shall reign forever and aye.’ And it is also said: ‘And the Lord shall be King over all the earth; on that day the Lord shall be One and His name be One.'”