The State of Alaska: 663,300 square miles, human population (in 2012) 731,449 and zero total Obamacare signups, that’s bupkus, nada, less than one!

According to the Anchorage Daily News, in the two weeks since ObamaCare went live, not a single individual in the entire state of Alaska has signed up.

In a letter Monday to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said no one in Alaska has been able to sign up.

“This system that cost more than $400 million, took three years to build, and was billed as a one-stop shop for individuals seeking health insurance is not working as advertised,” Murkowski wrote. “In its first two weeks of operation, I am told that no one was able to enroll in the Alaska Exchange.”

Taxpayers spent $300,000 for Alaska’s ObamaCare Navigators, but they can’t help because the system doesn’t work.

Fisher has been trained as a ‘navigator’ for United Way, undergoing 20 hours of rigorous training to help Alaskans figure out their options and obligations under the new health-care law. Her training exists thanks to a roughly $300,000 federal grant to the non-profit organization. United Way hopes to use its trained health-care workers to sign up 10,000 uninsured residents in the Anchorage bowl — about a fifth of an estimated 49,000 uninsured people in Alaska’s largest city. That figure includes Alaska Natives, who have access to health care coverage through tribal clinics, Fisher said. But with the website down, there’s little navigators can do. Fisher has been fielding phone calls and making appointments, but overall she says ‘it’s been pretty boring.’” 

The Alaska exchange’s chief operating officer Tyann Boling confirmed that no one has enrolled as of late last week but…

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“Now things are looking a little bit better this week,” she said. “It’s not for sure we’ve enrolled anybody yet, but things seems to be functioning a little bit better, but as of last week, we had not known of one person that had enrolled in the state of Alaska.”

Senator Murkowski requested weekly updates from the department on the number of Alaskans who attempt to enroll using the exchange and the number who are successful in doing so.

But for now the 50th state is tied for last in Obamacare signups.