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Since the hypocritical mainstream media attacks Rush Limbaugh for what they call misogyny and hate speech, this may be a good time to remind them of some hate speech they ignored.

Forget Bill Maher, below are videos of Obama Supporters who are not comedians but their hate speech was ignored by the media and Obama.

Remember when Jimmy Hoffa (the son not the one buried in the end zone of the old Giant stadium) said of the tea party, “Let’s Take Those Sons of Bitches Out?” Why wasn’t that a controversy outside of conservative circles?

Will President Obama refuse to take money from George Soros and all of his affiliated organizations such as MoveOn, Tides Foundation, CAP and JStreet (among many others) because he compared Fox news to the Nazis?

Or will he refuse the “Spooky Dude’s” cash because he said George Bush acted like a Nazi

Did the Media (or Candidate Obama) rebuke the Soros-funded when they ran this commercial during the 2008 campaign?

While Chris Matthew’s comment about the tingle down his leg still brings laughter, his misogyny in  calling Michele Bachmann a balloon-head wasn’t. Well that and the fact that he misquoted her words (she was right and he was wrong).

Obama called Georgetown Student Fluke when Rush called her a slut, who did he call when his buddy Former Gov. of Virginia Doug Wilder called Republicans racist  because they said Charlie Rangel was from Harlem.

Why doesn’t the media ever expose the hatred of that racist, anti-Semitic slug Louis Farrakhan spews his venom.  If I can find videos like the below where spread his venom why can’t they? Is it because Farrakhan is good friends with the President’s religious mentor Jeremiah Wright?

Rush Limbaugh does not need me to defend him.  He believes he said something appropriate about Ms Fluke and apologized…twice, it should no longer be an issue.  What should be an issue however, is the hypocrisy of the liberal media and Barack Obama for not attacking hatred of all kinds–even when it comes from one of their own.