There are times when a political figure gets  “beaten up” by a TV Talk host it is particularly enjoyable, Neil Cavuto’s destruction of Florida Congressman Alan Grayson and Glen Beck’s dismantling of Ct. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal come immediately to mind.  Today’s Joe Scarborough war with NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is right up there, although it may not be because of the total destruction of the NY Progressive, it might be because, quite frankly, Weinter seems like such a, well, he is such an a-hole.

Two weeks ago the big Weenie flipped out at fellow NY Congressman Peter King on the house floor over the bill to get more help for the 9/11 responders. Weiner flipped at King because King wasn’t able to round up enough GOP votes to push the bill over the edge.  Weiner of course ignores the fact that his progressive Democratic party has more than enough votes to pass the bill without any GOP votes.

Today  Joe Scarborough had Whiner on Morning Joe and it got ugly. For backup Scarborough had  Luke Russert on as well to fill in the specifics. Luke explained why, although not many Republicans would have voted for the 9/11 bill, fewer Democrats would have voted for it if it remained an up-or-down vote without being tagged to another bill. Depending on what was introduced in addition to the main bill, Blue dogs or the Latino delegation would have potentially made an exit, according to Russert.

Trying to block the truth, Weiner interrupted with. “Do you have any idea how mind-numbingly tedious this sounds to most Americans?” “No, no no, you’re not going to demagogue this issue, Anthony,” said Scarborough.

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Later, it heated up again, with Weiner asking Scarborough to “bring it!” and Scarborough firing back: “You control congress. Democrats control congress, and you could have passed this bill.”

Scarborough accused Weiner of trying to distract from the fact that the Dems used a procedural trick to the cause of the bill’s failure and to use it as a political tool.

Weiner, responded by telling Scarborough to “dial it down,” to which Joe laughingly shot back : “Anthony Weiner is telling me to relax?”

Scarborough interrupted Weiner a few times, so finally the Weiner said: “If I were you I’d try to break my rhythm too, because you’re not having a good morning.” And Joe shot him down with”You gotta talk, because you know you’re wrong.”

Here’s the full interview, the good parts are  around 5:40 and again at 12:45:
(CLICK HERE if you cannot see video)