You may have noticed that the media has suddenly begun floating all sorts of stories about Barack and Michelle Obama? Some say that this s because Michelle is sending signals that she wants to replace Joe Biden as the Democrat Party’s 2024 nominee. And it’s hard to refute the logic.

Only last week, for instance, the media widely reported that Michelle Obama was “terrified” about Donald Trump retaking the White House.

“What’s going to happen in this next election? I’m terrified about what could possibly happen, because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit, it affects us in ways sometimes I think people take for granted,” the former first lady told Jay Shetty on his On Purpose podcast.

“The fact that people think that government — ‘eh, does it really even do anything?’ — and I’m like ‘Oh my God, does government do everything for us, and we cannot take this democracy for granted.’ And I worry sometimes that we do. Those are the things that keep me up,” she added.

This is exactly the message the extreme left wants to hear; “government does everything for us.”

Real Americans know that we DON’T want government doing “everything” for us.In fact, we know we want government to do far less “for” — or rather TO — us.

New York Post columnist Cindy Adams agrees that Obama is angling for the nomination and working to undermine Biden.

According to Adams, Obama quietly met with a group of hedge fund CEOs and told them she was running for the White House.

Meanwhile, there is a groundswell in the left-wing media warning that Joe Biden is not up to another run for the White House.

From stores saying Biden is too old to run again, to explorations about Biden’s declining mental fitness, to stories saying outright that Biden should not run, the media is working to prepare the public for Biden’s withdrawing.

Even former Obama political analyst David Axelrod is worried that Biden is a sure loser and should seriously consider quitting the race.

But if the media’s nudging Biden out the door is successful, who should replace him?

Vice President Kamala Harris is more disliked that Joe Biden, who has the worst approval numbers in modern presidential history, and the only other Democrat with a national name is Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom. But he is famous for destroying his state, not for being a success.

So, Michelle is really the Democrats’ only choice. And if she runs, she WILL win. Too many Americans are dumb enough to think she is a hero.

One hint that the fix has been in from the start is that the Democrat Party picked Obama’s hometown for its national nominating convention. The location is tailor made for Michelle Obama to swoop in on a red horse to save the party from a disabled president who is physically and mentally unable to run for a second term.

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