Back in July a class action suit was filed against America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona. Sheriff Joe is the guy who has become famous for the tough way he treats criminals including making them live in tents and having to wear pink prison uniforms.  Over in the last three years Arpaio has been a one-man homeland security agent, he has handed over 22,616 illegal immigrants to ICE for deportation.

Of course those in the PC Police are not happy with the Sheriff, Racist Agitator Al Sharpton has threatened to protest, Eric Holder is investigating him for racial profiling, and there is even a class action racial discrimination suit against him, all because he is trying to keep people who have come into the country illegally from staying in the country.

Apparently among the organizations helping with the lawsuit against the Sheriff is ACORN, so Sheriff Joe is going after the group for mis-using its funds.

Arpaio subpoenas ACORN, says funds misused

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is subpoenaing records from the ACORN

The sheriff’s office seeking information regarding the group’s involvement with Arpaio critics on Melendres v. Arpaio, a case brought by a Mexican national claiming he was unfairly treated and the victim of racial profiling by deputies.

“I believe the organization used state and federal funds meant to help poor people to conduct a campaign against me and my officers,” said Arpaio in a statement. “These records will show, I believe, that ACORN is in bed with the anti-immigration enforcement organizations, which continue to demonstrate in front of my office trying to thwart my officers from enforcing state and federal law.”

ACORN has called for Arpaio to resign and opposes his immigration raids. The group could not immediately be reached for comment.

The group has come under fire recently for offering tax advice to people posing as prostitutes and pimps. ACORN also has also been questioned for alleged voter fraud and the U.S. Senate voted earlier this week to cut off federal funding for the group. community activist group saying is could be using government funds meant for housing and social services to wage a campaign against his immigration enforcement.