Fox Anchor Shepard Smith needs to get out more or at the very least he needs to watch something besides his own ego in the mirror. Yesterday he said that claims of Media Bias against the McCain campaign were preposterous. He went on to say that there was no way the media could have influenced the campaign, it was Obama’s to lose.

I guess good ole Shep does not watch his own TV network, he did not know about all of the stories that the Mainstream Media did NOT cover, Ayers, the Illegal Donations, the Connections with Palestinian Terrorists, Chicago Democratic Socialist Party…etc. All of the lies. The largest effect of the media bias was not necessarily what they covered, but what they didn’t cover. See the video of “Good ole Shep” and more below:

Media bias helped Obama? Shep Smith: ‘Preposterous’
Fox News anchor says blaming news coverage is ‘ridiculous

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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, host of the highest-rated evening newscast on cable television, calls suggestions of a bias toward Barack Obama by the mainstream media “preposterous.”

His sentiment was aired out during a roundtable discussion on his network’s “Strategy Room” program.

During the discussion, comedian Nick DiPaolo said, “The mainstream media being so in the tank for Obama … .”

“Oh, please. That’s preposterous,” interrupted Smith. “The mainstream media reflected what was happening in this nation. It did not drive it. The blogs didn’t drive this movement. The media did not drive this movement. Barack Obama did not lose this election. It was his to lose. It was not John McCain’s to win.

“The Republicans had no shot unless the Democrats gave it to ’em, and they didn’t. And to blame the media is a copout and ridiculous. We are always here to be blamed for people like you who enjoy that activity. We always will be. When the Democrats lost last time, it was our fault. When the Republicans lost this time, it’s our fault. It’s not. The nation was changing. Barack Obama did not lose, therefore John McCain did, and that’s it.” DiPaolo responded, “The major media has been liberal since its inception. It’s years and years of pounding.”

“How did George Bush win twice?” asked Smith.

“I don’t know,” answered DiPaolo. “[Ex-Bush strategist] Karl Rove is a genius, I guess.”