One of the initial things Loretta, my first boss in the real world, taught me was that it’s OK to be stupid, and it’s OK to be nasty, but stupid and nasty is a horrible combination.  No member of congress proves that more, than Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Last night Ms Jackson Lee appeared on the Tavis Smiley program and was asked to comment on what he saw as conservative blogger joy over what seemed to be a split between the President and the Congressional Black Caucus, her answer was they should shut up and stop practicing racial politics.

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Those are strong words for a woman who is reported to be a mean-spirited boss, but even meaner to her African-American employees.

Given Jackson Lee’s apparent touchiness on racial questions, there’s a certain irony in the fact that aides claim she is far harsher to the African Americans who work for her. “’You stupid mother-effer’ was like a constant,” says one. “Like, all the time. But the interesting thing is she would really project that behavior more towards her African American staffers. She would have other ethnic groups in the office, like interns or whatnot. But it was really her African American staffers who she felt comfortable enough to really curse out…. This is something we always talked about. We chalked it up to her just feeling more comfortable acting out her aggression toward a certain group of people versus others.”

If Ms. Lee wants to be the “Racial Politics Police” why didn’t she say anything in 2010 when her colleague, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, tried to brand War Hero and all around mench, Allen West as some sort of criminal biker.  Having had the privilege of meeting Congressman West twice, I am willing to swear on a stack of bibles that he indeed is African-American.

The truth is Ms Jackson Lee doesn’t really know what she is talking about. No not like when she said North and South Vietnam are living peacefully side by side, even though there hasn’t been a North and South Vietnam since Gerald Ford was President, not even like when she  told the House Judiciary Committee the “penalty” that the health-care law enacted last year by Congress imposes on individuals who do not buy health insurance is not in fact a penalty, even though the bill calls it a penalty, no those are just examples of why the Congresswoman will never be a brain surgeon.

In this case, Ms Lee is blindly following the progressive agenda. They have been working hard brand conservatives who criticize the President as racist.  The fact is the Congresswoman has no understanding of the hows, wheres and whys of conservative positions (that is above her thought grade).

Did myself and other conservative bloggers report the battles between the CBC an Obama? You bet! I for one also report the growing space between Obama and the Jewish vote.  Does that mean I am a racist AND an anti-Semite? Or does it mean I write a political blog and what seems to be a growing distance between President Obama and his most loyal supporters is big political news.

I would never expect Congresswoman Jackson Lee to read my blog, after all some of the words I use have more than three letters, but if I did not report and comment on major political news my readers would go elsewhere, and to be honest I need the ad revenue. The only other way to get money these days is to be a major contributor to the Obama Campaign.

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