The media is calling it a “border security surge”, actually it’s the typical political subterfuge.  An agreement on an amendment to the immigration bill proposed  by Senators Hoeven and Corker was announced today.  The amendment Gang of Eight” senators who drafted the original legislation.

The amendment includes the nearly doubling of
border agents, and completion of the already approved and funded of 700 miles of fence, and a specific plan for
border security. However, and this is the big issues not only are the criminally trespassing aliens granted temporary legal status BEFORE these things happen…there is no guarantee that it will happen.  The amendment calls for a 90% reduction in people crossing the borders illegally but it’s a goal not a trigger. Meaning if the bill only results in a 40% reduction amnesty is still granted.

Republicans wanted an improved high technology biometric, entry-exit system to crack down on people overstaying their visas. That was watered down in the bill.

The provision sought by conservatives such as John Cornyn, that 90
percent apprehension be achieved as a “hard trigger,” is no longer in
the deal as a precondition for citizenship.

Why should that be a problem? Well, when was the last time you trusted a politician to keep their promise. For example the legislation to build that 700 miles of fence was passed and signed in 2006 when Dubya was President.  Approximately 36 miles of the fence was built before it was stopped. What’s to prevent it from being stopped again?

Despite what you may have heard from Marco Rubio and his colleagues, this bill has has no guarantees of border security, just a promise. When you get a mortgage from the back you promise to pay them back, but they can take back the house if you don’t cough over the cash.  Once you give 11,000,000 people amnesty, you can’t  take it back.

Here’s the bottom line,  the timing of the amnesty process doesn’t
change.  What happens is that legal status will be granted first.  And only a promise of the rest.

The only thing the Hoeven-Corker  amendment does is give cover for Senate Republicans so they will able to say that they listened to their constituents and increased border security before they voted for amnesty.