In a February 16th speech on global warming, Secretary of State John Kerry said climate-change skeptics were members of the “Flat Earth Society.” Perhaps he should have checked with the Society first, because there really is a “Flat Earth Society,” and the group (at least its president) does believe in global warming.

Last February after President Obama used the “Flat Earth Society” line, Salon sought out the president of the “Flat Earth Society” to find out how the group feels about climate change.

In an email to Salon, president Daniel Shenton said that while he “can’t speak for the Society as a whole regarding climate change,” he personally thinks the evidence suggests fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming.

“I accept that climate change is a process which has been ongoing since beginning of detectable history, but there seems to be a definite correlation between the recent increase in world-wide temperatures and man’s entry into the industrial age,” he said. “If it’s a coincidence, it’s quite a remarkable one. We may have experienced a temperature increase even without our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, but I doubt it would be as dramatic as what we’re seeing now.”

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As for Obama’s dig at his group, which indeed thinks the world is flat, Shenton said he’s not surprised and doesn’t take it personally.

“I don’t take things like that personally, though. I know the Society’s views are quite unorthodox,” he said. “Most people react quite strongly to them because the Round Earth model is so deeply ingrained in them since childhood — it’s one of those ‘facts’ that doesn’t need to be challenged. When an opposing viewpoint is presented, it’s summarily dismissed as ‘crazy’ or ‘backward’.

“It’s unfortunate that Flat Earth Theory is what some people (President Obama, for instance) choose to reference when they need an example of something absurd,” he added.

With this truth in mind, shouldn’t the mainstream media call climate change believers the “Flat Earth Society?”