Thanks in part to the concept of “cancel culture,” the racists and bigots of America have been emboldened.  serial swastika vandal

As the old saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant.  We must expose our nation’s ills to remedy them, and we must have examples of these evils to show the impressionable among us for them to fully understand what is at stake.  When we “cancel” an ideology and, more importantly, bury it away in the deep, dark recesses of our culture, it ferments.  It grows filthier and more odiferous.  It mutates in the darkness, and when it finally arrives back in the popular culture, it is often in a nigh-unrecognizable form that is far more potent and pungent than previously known.

Of course, a balance must be struck.  We can’t let the worst of these cretins run amok either, but shielding them from view certainly does not work and never has.

As an example of this misguided missive, we are now seeing slews of racism and antisemitism across America, including a recent spate of vandalism in New York City.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is looking for a man who allegedly drew swastikas in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City on four separate occasions.

The NYPD posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday of a suspect drawing a swastika on a white pillar at the entrance to City Hall, asking the public if they have seen the person and if they have any relevant information.

The individual has allegedly drawn swastikas in Lower Manhattan on four separate occasions between Dec. 3 and Dec. 14.

Police have released the following footage of the suspect.

The hateful graffiti spree continued this week.

Investigators also believe the suspect is responsible for spray-painting a swastika on the Charging Bull Statue on Tuesday; drawing a swastika on a City Hall pillar on Monday and drawing three swastikas at a construction site on Maiden Lane on Dec. 3.

New York’s interim Governor has sprung into action, instructing the State Police to provide whatever assistance NYPD needs in bringing this bigot to justice.

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serial swastika vandal