Well now we know why Obama puts down the American Oil Companies and their “Windfall” profits. He has something more powerful in his pocket. Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour.

Dr. Al-Mansour has spent most of his adult life as a businessman/lawyer, intellectual, religious activist, author and teacher. His business and professional interests include co-founding the International Law Firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal & Al-Mansour, representing the O.P.E.C. interest of the famous Los Angeles trial, I.M.A.W.C. vs. O.P.E.C.; and serving as a co-founder and director of the Saudi African Bank (SAB), the United Bank for Africa (UBA) and the World United Bank for Africa (WUBA).

Dr Al-Mansour is the author of over 20 anti-western society, anti-Christian and anti- Semitic Books. He is also, according to Percy Sutton, famous NYC Democrat, the guy who helped Obama get into Harvard:

Obama’s Benefactor: Dr. Khalid al Mansour, I presume …

From Atlasshrugs
Percy Sutton, NYC political icon in the African American community, tells a news reporter that Dr. Khalid al Mansour solicited favor and recommendation on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama in order to secure Barack’s entry into Harvard. Think about that. Richard Fernanadez over at Fallback Belmont has a very curious piece on the ever changing Obama narrative concerning this jawdropper revealed by Amanda Carpenter in her post over at Townhall, Are Khalid al Mansour and Obama Friends?. This bombshell story asks more questions than it answers. And Wretchard’s twist on just which Mansour we are talking about is a whole other question. Obama’s mentors, friends, comrades tells us his story. These associations show us who he is. Terrible, all of it.
I often wondered where Obama got the money for his long strange trip. But this, Dr. Khalid al Mansour development is …. outta hand. Watch these videos. Stunning indictment of Mansour. He’s a total racist Islamist very much in the mold of Obama’s best buds Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Wright. Check Mansour’s diatribe video against the Jews here. Video Dr. Mansour’s “The Birth and Death of Christianity: posted by Muslims by choice here. And this video, uploaded by IslamStudios and titled “Christians Designed Discrimination:” Sutton is an unabashed Obama supporter. The last thing he would want to do is hurt Obama. And if you watch the video above, it is obvious Sutton is telling the story of Mansour and Obama with great pride. And the reporter is sharing, kvelling along with Sutton. Both see nothing wrong with what he is saying.Read the rest of the story by clicking HERE:

Obama’s Benefactor: Dr. Khalid al Mansour, I presume …

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