This picture is photo shopped and not very well—notice she has two different color hands and the one flipping the bird is at a strange angle.  One person didn’t notice the difference because he didn’t read the article so to make him stop complaining I am adding this caption. Now if you call the Senator’s office don’t complain that she was really giving the Jews the finger like the guy who complained did.

This was sent to me earlier this afternoon

Gillibrand Discusses Decision to Support the P5+1 Agreement in Medium Post

“Goal has been and remains to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon… far more ability to achieve that outcome if we approve this deal”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced her decision to support the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as agreed to by the P5+1 and Iran. Senator Gillibrand discussed her support in a post published on Medium, writing that while imperfect, “if we reject this deal, we do not have a viable alternative for preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” which has been and remains the United States’ primary goal. Her post is available here

What followed was a complete rehashing of the administration’s talking points, not one independent thought. It was obvious that the Senator did not even read the agreement. But was doing what she had to because she is a political hack who has to follow her party’s President even though the Iran deal is a crap sandwich. It was the same as her saying F-U to all of her constituents that support Israel.

If you agree with me and believe the Senator made the wrong decision please let and her staff know.

  • Her Jewish liaison is Patty Lubin perhaps we should recommend that she resign since her boss’ announcement proves she couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the Jews
  • And her foreign policy staffer is an Ex-Israeli and a former member of the very liberal Meretz party her name is Moran Banai and her email address is

Write them all explain to them why they are wrong and that unless their boss changes her mind you will be doing all you can to make sure she loses when she is up for reelection in three years.