The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and former Democratic Party standard-bearer John Kerry, made the mistake of opening his mouth in public today with the usual result, he  appeased terrorists, and  looked ill-informed. He blamed the lack of Israeli/Palestinian peace on Israel, and the criticized the Western world for its demonizing of Islam.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said he’s working on plans to create a “long-term exchange program” between countries.

“This will involve public-private partnerships—funded jointly by governments and companies so that Americans and citizens from Muslim-majority countries can work together in fields like science, journalism, business, arts, and culture,” he told the U.S.-Islamic Forum, hosted by the Brookings Institute.

Kerry acknowledged, however, that difficulty in achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians remains a roadblock to improved relations.

Calling a two-state solution “the only workable solution,” Kerry faulted Israel for continuing to build settlements, but also called on Gulf states to support Palestinian state building and take their own steps to improve relations with Israel.

So according to Senator Kerry the fact that both of the ruling Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas are both still calling for the destruction of Israel has nothing to do with the lack of peace. Nor does the fact that both Fatah and Hamas are still committing acts of terror against Israel doesn’t matter either?

Of course it doesn’t because the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has a special place in his heart for the deadly group Hamas.

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In 2006 there was a Hamas attack on an American diplomatic convoy in Gaza. Since then the rule had been US Government personnel were to avoid the Gaza Strip because there was no way to guarantee their safety without strong coordination with the terrorist group Hamas and the terrorist enablers UNRWA. After Hamas took over control of Gaza and started launching missiles into Israel, there has been an unofficial halt to Congressional visits to Gaza.

Last February Kerry broke that halt. He traveled to the Gaza Strip with Congressman Keith Ellison, and Brian Bard. Kerry stood next to Bard as he said that the visit represents a change in the United States’ attitude and approach to Gaza, under newly elected President Barack Obama.

This past December the crazies from Code Pink led an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Gaza Freedom March. Big Government reported that they did so, with an official endorsement of their efforts by the former Democratic Party Presidential Candidate.

In today’s Qatar speech Kerry didn’t admonish terrorism, but he did admonish the western world for its response to terrorism

“Too many in western societies implicitly, and at times explicitly, blamed an entire religion for the unholy violence of a few,” Kerry said. “This left many Muslims angry and alienated and complicated the task for leaders in the region.”

The Massachusetts Democrat said U.S.-Muslim ties have begun to improve since President Obama took office.

“We have witnessed a dramatic shift,” Kerry said. “While expectations were perhaps too high that the world would change overnight, we know that his words and our subsequent actions were just the beginning of a long road.”

In a videotaped message to the conference, President Obama announced a Special Envoy to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference(OIC), a group of 57 members states that promote economic and political cooperation.

Yes it is the OIC that uses the UN Human Rights Council as its personal Bash Israel committee, it is also the OIC that has been pushing the UN to fight against freedom of speech with its resolution that bans all negative talk about Islam.

We are now, more than ever, a nations whose government believes in appeasement, in the end, just as the appeasement if Hitler lead to millions of deaths, this appeasement will lead to millions of deaths as well.