Liberal Senator [score]Sheldon Whitehouse[/score] (D-RI) has an un-American way of arguing with conservatives.  Rather than presenting his evidence to prove that opponents are wrong, realizing he lacks the mental capacity to make a valid argument, he demands they be thrown in jail. It was Whitehouse who recommended that AG Lynch initiate a RICO investigation against climate skeptics.  Now thanks to Judicial Watch (JW), we learn that Sen. Whitehouse wanted to toss members of conservative groups into the pokey.

As part of the latest 72 pages of emails Judicial Watch received by order of a federal court (as part of a successful of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice) we learn that the staff of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) contacted the Justice Dept. regarding possible criminal prosecution of Tea Party and Conservative groups for alleged fraud and violation of IRS rules.

The conversations were in preparation for a briefing by Justice Department officials for Sen. Whitehouse’s staff and for a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism hearing on April 9, 2013. One internal agency email exchange indicates Sen. Whitehouse’s interest in seeking criminal prosecution of groups targeted by the IRS:


Of course the fraudulent statements were in the fantasy mind of Whitehouse and his progressive buddies, Nevertheless, when the sub-committee on Crime and Terrorism Whitehouse urged the DOJ and the IRS to toss the tea party groups in jail:

“I would urge that the Department and the Service get together and rethink whether in these two specific areas, which I think bear little resemblance to traditional tax violations and are in fact very plain-vanilla criminal cases, whether or not that deference to the IRS is actually serving the public interest at this point, or whether the Department could not proceed to… put together a criminal case showing a fairly straightforward false statement or a fairly [straightforward] shell corporation disclosure violation.”

Per the emails,  at the request of the DOJ Sen. Whitehouse’s staff sent over examples the organizations the senator had targeted for execution but first they assured the DOJ Whitehouse would not mention the groups in his committee questioning.


They included American Future Fund, Crossroads GPS, Americans for Responsible Leadership, Freedom Path, American is Not Stupid, Inc., II, and A Better America Now. All of these are conservative organizations.

Sen. Whitehouse is a living example of an incompetent politician who does not believe in the First Amendment. Since he does not want to (or lacks the mental agility to) make rational arguments to prove his points, he prefers to act like the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland.” If it were possible he would be screaming “off with the conservative’s heads.” Instead he simply says toss them in jail. Makes one feel bad for the good people of Rhode Island who elected him.