Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, representing Arizona, won her office as a Democrat and became independent in 2022 because she was tired of being regulated by partisan party politics.

Sinema explained:

What we’re experiencing here in Arizona, is matched only by what folks are experiencing in southern Texas. Those are the two communities that are experiencing this crisis.’

Proving her point, Sinema is taking on the leader of the Senate, Chucky Schumer, the House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries, and the Biden administration about their refusal to fix the border crisis.

Her argument about ”Schumer is that New York got $130 Million cash from the Federal Emergency Management AAgency’sShelter Services Program to help with their illegal problem just because he is a Democrat. Much more per illegal than Arizona, on the front line of the illegal alien issue.

Arizona received about $45.4 million in the first round of funding, and will receive another $23.9 million.

In contrast, New York received about $30 million in the first round, and is due to receive another $104.6 million.

(…) It’s fairly obvious. I don’t know if you noticed, but the announcement about that $104 million came out first, in a joint press release from Schumer and Jeffries — not from the White House or from FEMA. The first news of it broke by their press release,” Sinema said, referring to the amount of the pot granted to New York.

Schumer announced the money before Biden seems like a considerable political expense. Sinema is not alone. Democratic Party border state governors are also complaining about the distribution of aid by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Sinema mentioned she is working with Texas Re[ubocan Sen.John Cornyn to gain approval for $800 million for border states. The anti-spending GOP Senators don’t want to spend more money  and bashing Bodem said:

“Nothing, there’s not been any active steps to stem the flow of migrants from the border,” Sinema said in a press conference. “One of the things I’ve been working on with my colleagues in both parties is to discuss the fact that the current flow is unsustainable.“As I travel across Arizona, I hear from employers of all sizes about the challenges th ey face filling jobs,” Sinema told the audience of manufacturers and industry stakeholders.

Biden and the NY leaders recognize a migrant crisis but support NYC as if its crisis is more extensive than Arizona and the other border states, especially considering illegals as a percentage of the total population. Perhaps because she became independent and freed herself from party positions, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema can throw off the shackles and slam the politics behind distributing aid money.