On Thursday, The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) published a new report  (embedded below) revealing another part of the P5+1 deal kept secret from the American people and their representatives in Congress.

The Iranians, who have been publicly humiliating the United States since the nuclear deal was signed, was given secret exemptions to the deal from the U.S. and the other negotiators because they were having problems meeting deadlines. As a result of this side deal along with another one which was discovered in July, Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb is <5 months (the administration promised the P5+1 deal would expand the breakout time to a year). This is a problem because now there is a much shorter time to react if our intelligence (or Israel’s, or any of the other enemies of the terrorist regime) discovered that Iran was building a nuclear weapon.

The decisions of the Joint Commission which oversees the implementation of the agreement,  to give Iran the new concessions has not been announced publicly. The Obama administration claims it informed Congress of key Joint Commission decisions on implementation day but in a confidential manner. However, Reuters reported that Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a vocal critic of the Iran deal and a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, responding to their questions said, “I was not aware nor did I receive any briefing (on the exemptions).”

The ISIS report outlined three areas where the rogue regime was given a secret exemptions and one other area where Iran was allowed exploit a loophole.

The description of the exemptions is very technical, but they all lead to the same thing, Iran will have purer nuclear fuel and have more of it.

Per Reuter’s description of the report,

“As part of the concessions that allowed Iran to exceed uranium limits, the joint commission agreed to exempt unknown quantities of 3.5 percent LEU contained in liquid, solid and sludge wastes stored at Iranian nuclear facilities, according to the report. The agreement restricts Iran to stockpiling only 300 kg of 3.5 percent LEU [low-enriched uranium].”


“The commission approved a second exemption for an unknown quantity of near 20 percent LEU in ‘lab contaminant’ that was determined to be unrecoverable, the report said. The nuclear agreement requires Iran to fabricate all such LEU into research reactor fuel.”


“If the total amount of excess LEU Iran possesses is unknown, it is impossible to know how much weapons-grade uranium it could yield, experts said.”


The report also said “the Joint Commission also agreed to allow Iran to keep operating 19 radiation containment chambers larger than the accord set. These so-called ‘hot cells’ are used for handling radioactive material but can be “misused for secret, mostly small-scale plutonium separation efforts,”

Plutonium, like Uranium is a nuclear weapons fuel. The explosive power of a bomb using either type of fuel is about the same. However, a Plutonium bomb is more dangerous because of the radiation fallout. Plutonium emits alpha radiation, a highly ionizing form of radiation (it releases more radioactive particles), rather than the beta or gamma radiation released by a Uranium bomb.

As described by ISIS, “The deal allowed Iran to meet a 130-tonne limit on heavy water produced at its Arak facility by selling its excess stock on the open market. But with no buyer available, the joint commission helped Tehran meet the sanctions relief deadline by allowing it to send 50 tonnes of the material — which can be used in nuclear weapons production — to Oman, where it was stored under Iranian control, the report said.”

ISIS also confirmed that the U.S. and its partners are right now considering whether to make past exemptions permanent, and create new ones (otherwise Iran will again end up violating the deal by missing deadlines). In other words, rather than enforcing the deal the U.S. is capitulating again, this time by allowing Iran to “push the goal posts forward.

Six weeks ago the Associated Press (AP) discovered different secret deal which eased the restriction on the more advanced centrifuges. The advanced centrifuges enrich the nuclear fuel more quickly, in this case twice as fast. It is estimated that the use of advanced centrifuges reduced Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb from one year down to six months during the first decade of the agreement, and down to four months beginning in year thirteen. This latest revelation, permitting Iran to keep a greater amount of purer nuclear fuel shortens the break out period even further, because they have a head start in the enriching process.

These latest concessions serve to make the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran virtually worthless.

According to the Administration, before the P5+1 deal Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb was about three months. They claim the deal as originally described extended the breakout time to a year.

The secret deal described by last month’s AP centrifuge scoop cut the breakout time from one year down to six months (during the first decade of the deal). The latest revelation by ISIS shortens it even further.

Let’s look at a best case scenario. What if the latest secret deal only shortened the breakout time by only one month? It means the time needed for Iran to breakout and build a nuclear weapon is down to about five months total.

Remember before the P5+1 agreement the President claimed the breakout time was three months. Therefore, based on the new information our impotent president negotiated a deal that lengthened Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb by two months–only 60 days, from three to five months.

Before the P5+1 deal the Iranian economy was on the verge of collapse because of the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.N.  Thanks to the release of the frozen cash and the easing of sanctions the Iranian despots were able to begin propping up their economy and go back to providing cash and weapons to their terrorist buddies.

And there is one of the other result of the deal.  Thanks the weakness and concessions displayed by President Obama, and his two secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, the terrorist supporting regime of Iran and many of other enemies of America look at the United States as a paper tiger. That’s why we’ve faced incidents such as when Iran captured our boat and sailors in January 2015.

Now that these secret concessions have been made public, I wonder if members of Congress who sold  their souls (and the safety of American, Israeli, and Saudi Arabian children) to their party like Senator [score]Kirsten Gillibrand [/score] (D-NY) or Congressman [score]Jerrold Nadler [/score] (D-NY), and just for a few pieces of political silver, regret their decision

These concessions should not be a major surprise. From his first day in office, Barack Obama has lied about every major program he tried to shove down the throats of American voters. Beginning with the “shovel ready” projects of the stimulus which turned out to be reward for the Democrats’ political buddies, or his false claim about cutting spending (he did cut spending but only after he doubled spending) to telling Americans they Obamacare allows up to keep their insurance if they liked I, all the way through the Iran deal Barack Obama has lied about the structure of his programs and like this Iran deal. he has put our collective futures and those of our children and grandchildren in grave danger.


JCPOA Exemptions Revealed by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd