James O’ Keefe released a second NPR video, this time the target was NPR exeutive Betsy Liley who was also in in the first video. Liley, NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, is featured on the phone with the fictitious members of the Muslim brotherhood, who were looking for a way to donate five million dollars anonymously. Liley said that she would indeed be willing to find a way to shield the donors  from a government audit by keeping the donor’s name anonymous.

In a lengthy follow-up phone call with Liley after the lunch, an O’Keefe associate posing as “Ibrahim Kasaam ” of the Muslim Education Action Center (a fictitious entity) expressed concerns that NPR, which receives government funding, would be subject to government audits or would have to disclose the source of its donations.

Liley responded, “If you were concerned about that, you might want to be an anonymous donor and we would certainly, if that was your interest, we would want to shield you from that.”

At another point, Kasaam asked Liley, “It sounded like you’re saying that NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?”

“I think that is the case, especially if you were anonymous, and I can inquire about that,” Liley said. She later informed Kasaam via e-mail that NPR’s management had cleared an anonymous donation from his group.

Based on the video (embedded below) NPR put Liley on administrative leave. Anna Christopher NPR spokeswoman, commented that, “All donations, anonymous and named, are reported to the IRS. NPR complies fully with all tax and financial disclosure regulations.”

As the second video was released (below), the first video was called into question by The Blaze.  Reviewing both the released version and the raw video the Blaze found that in many cases the clips were cut in a way that made Mr. Schiller look worse than he actually was.  The end result may not have been different but the parts left on the cutting room floor would have mitigated some of Mr. Schiller’s statements. After you watch the video below I urge you to read this post at the Blaze.