The Second Amendment Foundation  Twitter account was suspended “without warning” on Wednesday, just before the 34th Annual Gun Rights Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The SAF and CCRKBA sponsor the conference, which will be held this weekend, Sept 20-22. Convenient, Twitter. Then suddenly, on Thursday it was reinstated, no explanation or apology.

second amendment foundation

According to Alan Gottlieb, Executive Vice President and Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, he had no clue why the account was suspended. Bearing Arms recounted his response:

“The fact that it was done just before our record setting Gun Rights Policy Conference does not sit well with us. Coincidence? Hard to believe.” Alan Gottlieb

There is no such thing as “coincidence” with Big Tech. When the “Well-Armed Woman” had their page on Instagram suspended without warning recently, enough people complained that the company restored it with no explanation as to why it was taken down in the first place. That doesn’t often happen in the Orwellian world of social media. Most of the time, accounts and the pages with them are just gone. This time, the 2a community made waves on Twitter, and the SAF got it back, although with only the old tweets from July and August 1 displaying,


second amendment foundation

Jack Dorsey, (@Jack), Twitter’s CEO, has admitted numerous times that he is a liberal (like the owners of Google, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Twitter policies have routinely blocked, suspended, and shadow-banned Conservatives for “violating the rules.” They need to be sued if you could find a lawyer willing to take the case.

When the liberal idiots at Big Tech decide to mess with businesses (oh, gee, have we at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children been fried, not baked in those situations – see link), they are interfering with interstate commerce and the rights of all of us. They purport themselves to be platforms that are equal but find excuses to pull down every business, group, organization that stands in disagreement with their political viewpoint. They claim violence, pornography, Russian bots, white supremacists, anything they want. It’s all bunk, as my grandmother would say.

There is something to remember: The Well Armed Woman account was restored after people began complaining.  Twitter reinstated the @2afdn account after a firestorm. Instagram needs to restore ours. The censorship needs to STOP.  @Jack, the SAF is a nonprofit, doesn’t sell guns, nor do they post ‘hate speech.’ What was your excuse this time? Oh never mind, I know, some “intern” probably did it, right?

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