Kids in Seattle’s failing public high schools are now being taught that speaking English properly and writing using correct grammar is an example of “white supremacy.”

Even more insultingly — at least to black students — this obscene curriculum was being taught to Seattle kids as part of the school district’s Black History month classwork, according to 770 KTTH radio’s Jason Rantz.

“As part of the Black Lives Matter at School Week, World Literature and Composition students at Lincoln High School were given a handout with definitions of the ‘9 characteristics of white supremacy, according to the father of a student,” Rantz wrote. “Given the subject matter of the class, the father found it odd this particular lesson was brought up.”

The classwork blasted what it negatively called the “Worship of the Written Word” and called it “white supremacy” because it is supposedly “an erasure of the wide range of ways we communicate with each other.”

Indeed, this screed goes on to accuse these evil white supremacists of “honoring only what is written and even then, only what is written to a narrow standard, full of misinformation and lies.”

The father of the student who alerted Rantz to this anti-intellectual exercise said, “I feel bad for any students who actually internalize stuff like this as it is setting them up for failure.”

The classwork also excoriated all levels of the strive to achieve excellence as “white supremacy,” saying that “objectivity,” “individualism,” and “perfectionism” are all bad things.

This is 100 percent communist thinking, folks. They want conforming, ill-informed, un-educated slaves to accept their indoctrination and want to stop them from learning to read and write well so that they don’t accidentally begin thinking for themselves.

“How is a 15-year-old kid supposed to object in class when ‘denial and defensiveness’ is itself a characteristic of white supremacy? This is truly educational malpractice,” the father asked Rantz.

Another aspect of this training is seen in a video that teaches white children that they need to be “called out” for “oppressing marginalized people.”

“My problem with this curriculum is that this is supposed to be a writing and literature class and lessons like these do nothing to help my kid become a better writer,” the father said. “I’m sure Lincoln administration will point to the high ELA proficiency scores but the high proportion of HCC [highly capable] kids (40% of the student body) is a big factor. With so many smart, hard working kids (white supremacists) it’s easy to support these luxury beliefs but system-wide only 63% of kids are proficient in English. Is this really the best use of class time?”

This is a crime, of course.

It simultaneously teaches black kids that achieving proficiency in reading and writing is a bad thing even as it teaches white kids that they are inherently evil and need to bend the knee to ignorance and self-hatred.

This is a not just an accidental recipe to destroy American society, folks, it is a directly laid plan to do so. It is just that simple.

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