Former Navy Frogman (he was not a SEAL), and Minn. governor, present day conspiracy theorist, and all-around scumbag Jesse Ventura is continuing his attempt to slander the memory of war hero, Chris Kyle. Saying that if a Nazi soldier killed 100 French or Polish soldiers he would be considered a hero also.

On Tuesday he was interviewed on the radio show of leftist Alan Colmes where he compared wartime service of Chris Kyle to Nazi Germany and the Communists,

Appearing on Fox’s “Alan Colmes Radio” show Tuesday night, Ventura kept up his attack, saying Kyle was “obviously a great sniper” but the asked “Do you think the Nazis have heroes?”

Colmes responded “Well, obviously the Nazis were fighting for a cause we can’t condone.”

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Ventura disagreed. “Wait, wait, wait. When they invaded a country, when they invaded Poland, when they invaded France … if a Nazi soldier killed a hundred people that had lived there, would he be classified a hero in Germany?”

Last week Ventura said he wouldn’t see “American Sniper” because Chris Kyle was a liar.

Perhaps because of jealousy or a desperate attempt to pull himself out of the former celebrity trash heap he so richly deserved, Ventura launched a defamation suit against the estate of the war hero, over a incident mentioned in Kyle’s book. The incident related in the book American Sniper doesn’t even mention the self-serving creep but in the end Ventura who doesn’t need the cash won the suit and grabbed $1.8 million from the widow of a war hero.

During the interview, “Colmes asked Ventura if he was comparing U.S. actions in Iraq to the Nazi’s mission in WWII.”

Ventura: Well, what I’m stating is, we invaded Iraq, we were not asked in. We invaded a country, we overthrew its government, and then we killed people that lived there.

Colmes: Are we analogous to the Nazis?

Ventura: Well, and the Communists, yeah

Can anyone really believe that this self-serving scumbag actually served this country?  He should be called back to active duty so he can face a Court Martial.

Listen to the audio below (Source: NY Daily News)