Remember how leftists claim they “follow the science”? Well, clearly, they don’t, and we see this fact again as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency of the U.S. government, now claims that there are 40 genders.

Forty? Wow! I was off by 38.

The NIH Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office’s “Gender Pronouns & Their Use in Workplace Communications” guide was recently published, which claims that more than 40 different pronouns exist.

The guide is supposed to be aimed at helping businesses avoid “mistakes” in the workplace.

The only “mistake” is thinking there are more than two genders.

Per Fox News:

For professionals to “facilitate inclusive, affirming and welcoming” workplaces, the gender pronouns guide hashes out a series of different mistakes to avoid while using pronouns, including not describing pronouns as “preferred” or “chosen” as that allegedly implies “that gender identity is a preference or a choice, when it is neither.”

“Performative allyship,” when people only superficially show they are devoted to a cause, is also frowned upon, with the guide pointing to a hypothetical situation where an employer mandates all employees publicly share their pronouns.

Some employees, however, might not want to disclose their pronouns as they are not “ready to ‘come out’ and disclose their gender identity,” according to the guide, which was crafted in part by the NIH’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

“Mandating all employees to use pronouns may come off as performative allyship, especially if employees are uncertain or unable to articulate why correct pronoun usage is important,” the guide states.

The NIH is supposed to be guided by science.

This is woke, fantasy, political agenda garbage, proving once again that leftists are ruled by politics, not science.

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