A school in California has taken a big loss in court and ordered to pay more than a million-dollar settlement to a group of students who were thrown out of school for supposedly wearing black face.

Two boys were expelled from Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, after photos of them began appearing showing them with blackened faces.

The school reacted immediately by expelling the boys before even giving them any chance to defend themselves.

Sensibly, the kids sued.

Per The Blaze:

With the help of the Dhillon Law Group, which has represented other minors similarly traduced over racially-charged hoaxes, the teens, Holden Hughes and Aaron Harley, sued the high school with their parents for over $20 million. While ultimately unable to exact the full toll for their malignment, the former students walked away this week with $1 million plus tuition reimbursement.

The Los Angeles Times indicated that a Santa Clara County jury sided with the former students who claimed the school breached an oral contract and failed to give them due process before expelling them.

“Twenty percent of our boys’ lives have been spent seeing this process come to fruition. But the sacrifice is worth it to clear our boys’ names, and to try and make sure that St. Francis can never again assume a child is guilty without giving a child the opportunity to show their innocence. To never again sacrifice any child to protect the school’s reputation like they did our boys,” the Hughes family said in a statement.

“We would never wish the pain, humiliation, and suffering St. Francis has inflicted on our families on anyone, but we are thankful that the jury has spoken, and vindicated our boys, and forced St. Francis to finally take responsibility for their repeated personal attacks on the boys,” added the family.

The truth is, the boys were not engaging in “black face.” There were, instead, doing facial treatments. And there is photo proof of that which the school could have learned if they had decided to do an actual investigation.

The court case went the in the boy’s favor. Each will receive a $500,000 judgment and they will have their private school tuition reimbursed to the tune of $70,000.

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