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If you were like me and spent a big chunk of yesterday watching your favorite football team make a big 4th quarter comeback to beat the SD Chargers, you may have missed some best moments from the peaceful, law-abiding, non-threatening Occupy Wall Street Protests. Nothing to worry about, because “the Lid” will bring you up-to-date:

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This Patriotic Fellow from Occupy Dayton, wanted to send a “shout out” to America and it’s heroes “F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, And F*ck The Police”

This San Francisco protester came up with an inventive way to fix the economy. “Let Americans Print Their Own Money.” I wonder if I could put my kid’s pictures on my money? I think they might like that.

Speaking of money, the peaceful people at Occupy Oakland took over this Chase Bank branch.  Maybe they were just trying to pick their money designs.

In LA, these non-threatening people disrupted an NBC Broadcast.

In Denver, the Occupy Group celebrated Halloween a week early with this creepy poem:

At OWS NY, we learned that NYC police is always brutal especially when they do not hit someone:

In Chicago the Occupy Protesters respect the police so much, that 130 of the Occupy Chicago group went to the Police station with them…others cried “Take Me Next”

Diversity is very important to the Occupy protests, that’s why OWS invited the Hamas affiliated organization CAIR to lead prayers.

Many in the liberal media are still comparing the Occupy protests with the Tea Party Movement. But I have to admit, that we in the Tea Party Never displayed this kind of the peaceful, law-abiding, non-threatening protests.  Maybe that’s why the Tea Party Movement has never gotten fair press.

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