Ever since Barack Obama entered the national stage as a candidate for president, no matter what people thought about his policies, no matter how much he screwed up, people thought he was a “nice” guy and his likability ratings were positive.  The worst he fared was equal positive/negative numbers in October 2011. No more according to a new poll by Fox News.

In the course of the past two months he has gone from a plus 6% (52% favorable/46% unfavorable) to a minus 4% (47% favorable/51% unfavorable). It is also the first time his unfavorable numbers have crossed 50%.

The drop in favorable numbers is an obvious reaction to the load of scandals that have hit the country beginning with the Benghazi scandal in September.

The same Fox poll shows America is not happy with the way the Administration is handling the scandals (this is not to mean they believe the administration is involved with the scandal, but disagree with the way the White House is managing and being open about the scandals).

Their objections to the scandal management is generally by a two to one basis.

 Another interesting result is that voters do not approve the way Barack Obama is handling some of his key/signature issues such as Gun Control, Immigration, and Healthcare.

They also Object to his handling of key Conservative issues of the economy and the deficit. In fact with the possible exception of Terrorism, America is not happy with the way Obama is doing his job. Scandal and Coverup can do that to a politician.