According to Ynet News and confirmed by a source of mine with contacts within the Israeli Government. Israel, the US, and the Saudi Government are working on a compromise solution to the Palestinian “right of return ” issue. This issue is a “non-starter” for Israel because it would lead to the end of Israel as a Jewish State. The Arabs have been unwilling to compromise, for that same reason and because of their bigoted views about the Palestinians which as lead them to refuse to offer them permanent status in their own countries. In 1948 there were just as many Jews leaving Arab countries as there were Arabs leaving Israel (some say there were more Jews).

Under the compromise, Arab Palestinian refugees will be allowed to remain in their present countries and will recieve financial compansation. Those who wish to return may do so, but they have to return to the Arab Palestinian State run by the Palestinian United Terrorist Zealots (PUTZ) Government. The flow of “refugees” returning to the new PUTZ state will be regulated by the PUTZ’s in charge as not to overwhelm the new Govt. and not to lower the amount of foreign aid that they are placing in their own grubbly little pockets.

My Sources tell me that Jordan has already approved the plan outline, but Libya is outraged because they do not want the Palestinians in the Country. The full Ynet story follows:

Compensation plan for Palestinian refugees promoted

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Saudi Arabia, US and Israel formulate plan aimed at resolving issue by offering compensation to refugees willing to stay in their countries of residence
Smadar Peri

Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel have recently held secret talks to formulate a new diplomatic-financial initiative aimed at resolving the Palestinian refugee problem, by offering compensation to those willing to stay in their countries of residence.

The negotiations were led by senior American officials, and included Saudi secretary-general of the National Security Council, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, and top Israeli officials.

According to the new initiative, refugees who agreed to remain in their countries of residence would receive financial compensation. Those who insisted on realizing the right of return would only be allowed to return to the Palestinian territories. Their return would be coordinated with the Palestinian Authority, in order to prevent a flood of refugees, and severe economic problems.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the US would finance projects to improve the refugees’ quality of life and create more jobs for them. The ambitious plan requires billions of dollars in funding.

Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi, who is boycotting the Arab League summit in Riyadh, is expected to oppose the plan. Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in Libya, and Gaddafi may threaten to deport them should the initiative pass. Syria’s stance on the issue is also unclear at present; the country is currently home to over Palestinian 200,000 refugees.

The new plan gives precedence to aiding the 300,000 refugees in Lebanon, whose condition has been defined as “very bad.” Jordan, which is home to the greatest number of refugees, more than 1.5 million, and several Emirates, have already agreed to the plan.